Tierra Volcan Corto

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Tierra Volcan Corto


Tierra Volcan Cigars is a new line from Mombacho SA that is an all Nicaraguan puro for the US market. Created by Master Blender Claudio Sgroi, the Tierra Volcan is made in the legendary Nicaraguan city of Granada. Mombacho isn’t available in the US, so the Tierra Volcan is their gateway into the US market that constantly craves rich, stronger cigars from Nicaragua. This Nicaraguan puro is available in three sizes:

  • Clasico (Robusto Extra) – 5.5 x 50
  • Corto (Short Robusto) – 4 x 50
  • Grande (Grande Toro) – 6.25 x 52

Appearance and Pre-Light

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The wrapper is a dark brown with minimal veins giving it a silky smooth feel. The cap is apply perfectly and clips off with minimal effort. The draw has flavors of cedar, earth and leather. It’s a little stiff on the draw, a little more than more than I like, but still manageable. I think it will open up a little upon lighting.  I like the foot band with the name of the cigar on it.  At least you don’t have to wonder what it’s called if you smoke it a few months down the road.

First Half


This cigar has strong flavors you would expect from Nicaraguan puro. I’m getting notes leather, earth, caramel and oak. It’s an amazing start to this short robusto. Smoke production is pretty good as well and just enhances the cigar.

Second Half


The cigar is changing quite a bit in the later half of the cigar. The sweetness has died down quite a bit and the cigar has turned more savory. I get mostly leather, earth, oak and, now, a nice mocha note. The cigar is still burning great with a full body.

Overall Impression

I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. It’s a very rich, powerful cigar that delivers on all points for me. I liked how it started off rich and sweet and ended with a savorier flavor profile. I also bought the Clasico, but I haven’t tried it yet. Considering how much I enjoyed the Corto, I’m expecting great things from the Clasico.


5 thoughts on “Tierra Volcan Corto

  1. I don’t think saviorier is a word……… ; ) lol. it is a pretty good smoke though .I’ve heard the little 4/30 is a great smoke too haven’t tried it yet.

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