Ben’s Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 14

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Ben’s Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 14

Ben’s Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 14

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted at Stogie Review, but I have a good excuse.  I recently moved from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Houston, TX.  While the move didn’t keep me from smoking cigars, it definitely curtailed how many I smoked since I was packing and moving our stuff to Houston.  I didn’t have a lot of time to video and edit any new reviews.  Here, at least, is a few of the smokes I enjoyed over the past week or so during our move.

Punch Punch Royal 2009 Benelux Regional

2009 Punch Benelux Regional

I picked up this excellent cigar while on trip to Belgium, Holland and Germany to tour the Royal Agio facilities.  While there we visited the La Casa del Habanos in Antwerp, Belgium, where I picked up several of the Regionals.  Obviously, being a big fan of Punch cigars, this was the first one I grab, especially being an exclusive for our host country (Belgium along with Netherlands and Luxembourg [BENELUX]).  It smoked like a dream with notes pepper, cedar, earth and almonds.

Matilde Oscura Toro

Matilde Oscuro Toro I’ve had a lot of people recommend this cigar to me, but I was unable to try them as my local shop didn’t carry them.  After moving to Houston,  I was able to pick some up at The Smoke Ring in Webster, TX.  The lived up to its hype.  I got notes of oak, dry cocoa, pepper, cloves, coffee and dates.  It’s a slow burning cigar and produces a ton of smoke.

Warped Corto X50

Warped Corto

I’ve become a big fan of Warped Cigar since moving to Houston.  Both Serious Cigars and The Smoke Ring here carry their full line and I’ve enjoyed each one.  The Corto X50 was one that I kept overlooking in the line up until this past week.  They little gems have great flavors of leather, cedar, coffee and cinnamon.  Easy smoking cigar with medium body that is a perfect morning smoke with my coffee.

La Flor Dominicana TAA 2016

LFD TAA 2016

Every version of La Flor Dominicana TAA cigars have been outstanding and the 2016 is on exception.  It’s such a rich cigar with excellent construction that I never wanted to put it down.  This one has a natural wrapper, but there is a limited maduro version out.  So, there is a limited of a limited cigar……

Cornelius and Anthony Cornelius Toro

Cornilius and Anthony Cornilius Toro

This was a new cigar for me as I didn’t know much about Cornelius & Anthony cigars, but I was lucky enough to attend a cut and light event at The Smoke Ring in Webster, TX.  This cigar paired well with the Diplomatico Rum we had on hand.  I really enjoyed the Cornelius and look forward to smoking more of these as well as trying the Daddy Mac line of cigars.

Tatuaje La Verite 2008 Churchill

Tatuaje La Verite 2008 Churchill

No words can describe the greatness of this cigar……HALL OF FAME.


3 thoughts on “Ben’s Week in Smoke – Bayou Edition No. 14

  1. Interesting. I’m a tat fan, but I’ve never heard good things of the 08. Haven’t had it sadly.



    1. The 08 is very good but imho the 09 robusto is better and showcases more of the Pelo d’Oro tobacco.

  2. I loved the LFD 48th TAA (not so much the 47th). I believe this San Andres wrapper would be considered maduro.

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