Holt’s Contest – Win a 5-pack of San Cristobal

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Holt’s Contest – Win a 5-pack of San Cristobal

San Cristobal Giveaway

Hello, no I am not dead (I don’t think I am anyway because I am not in a packed humidor with every cigar known to man for me to smoke for free – that is what happens when you die, right?). I know that makes some of you happy and others sad. Still sorting through some medical stuff but in the meantime I got an email from Holt’s asking about doing a nice 5-pack giveaway for Father’s Day so of course I figured all of you would love to get some free cigars so after not sleeping for 72 hours and binging on Oreo’s (not really but it made it sound better…well maybe the Oreo part is true) here it is. You see that big ole picture at the top, well that is the 5-pack you could get for free.

What is in this sampler you ask…well you can see it online by clicking HERE or just read the following I horrifically ripped from Holts’ website just now…

La Aroma de Cuba and San Cristobal are two of the most sought-after brands blended by renowned cigar maker, Jose “Pepin” Garcia in Estelí, Nicaragua. An outstanding selection of 5 distinct blends in incredibly popular sizes makes La Aroma and San Cristobal ’92-95′ Rated Assortment a perfect gift item for true cigar enthusiasts everywhere. Irresistible flavors present exceptionally balanced degrees of strength in these award-winning cigars. Order this remarkable assortment and taste, first-hand, the standards set by La Aroma de Cuba and San Cristobal today!

Sampler includes:

1 – La Aroma de Cuba Robusto (5.25 X 54)
1 – La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso (5.5 X 54)
1 – La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Maximo (5.5 X 54)
1 – San Cristobal Monumento (7.25 X 49)
1 – San Cristobal Revelation Legend (6.25 X 52)

To enter this contest just leave a comment and tell us what cigars you would like to receive for Father’s Day. Easy, huh?

This contest will end Sunday at midnight and a winner will be picked randomly from the comments and either someone from Holt’s or SR will get your information so you can get your winnings.

If you need a Father’s Day gift FOR Father’s Day then check out what specials Holt’s is running and if you are curious I am partial to the Opus X Lost City Assortment!

And the winner is………Smoke770!!! Congrats. I will be emailing you to get your information for Holt’s to send your sampler.

I am just me.

52 thoughts on “Holt’s Contest – Win a 5-pack of San Cristobal

  1. To enter this contest just leave a comment and tell us what cigars you would like to receive for Father’s Day.

    Opus X Lost City Assortment, works for me !!

  2. Well that looks like a great give away. First Mike glad to hear you are still alive, I honestly have been wondering. I mean not enough to drive the 45 mins to your house to find out, or enough to call you, or enough to tweet you, or email you or just ask Walt or anybody else, but seriously… wondering! Hope you are getting better one day at a time. What cigar would I like to smoke hmmmmm…an Anejo Shark wouldn’t suck or maybe an Opus X A. def. not some Devils Weeds! LOL

  3. I like when you receive something you don’t usually buy for yourself……A Padron 50th, Lost City, or Don Carlos Anniversary would be nice

  4. You know, my wife or kids have never gotten me cigars for Father’s Day. So, really, any cigars they did get me would be an awesome gift.

  5. I just wanna smoke! It’s my first father’s day so any smoke will do! Thanks for the contest guys!

  6. Padrons. Always Padrons. The 1964 is the best cigar I’ve ever had and I’ve never had the scratch to buy another.

  7. I love Ashton’s offerings, & these would be great! If I had to pick one though, it’d be an Atabey. Best cigar I had all last year, & it would be rested enough for the birth of my daughter (Aug 4.) Thanks!

  8. Welcome back Mike.

    I would like some cigars because my humidor count keeps getting lower and lower. Plus my dad doesn’t smoke so I don’t have to share. More for me. lol

  9. The stogies I would like to receive are just about any kind!!! That’s what I love about cigars is i can find enjoyment and relaxation in any stogie some more than others!! Thanks for the contest!!

  10. It’s alive!! 🙂 I hope this means you are feeling better and will back to reviewing soon, my friend.

    Since I’m not actually a father, this sampler is about all I can hope for.

  11. I would say Cuban Bolivars. As far as NCs go, I’m thinking the Hoyo de Monterrey 150 Anniversary or anything from Warped.

  12. I just smoked a couple of L’ATELIER La Mission.. awesome.. really like Lat Maduro and most all Illusione

  13. I would love to receive any cigar for Father’s Day as long as I could smoke them in good company… Also can wait to see mike posting video reviews again soon!

  14. Honestly? An English cut Oliva Series EE. My first cigar, and phenomenal one at that. Can’t find them anymore, but it was the most piquant, yet robust, smoke I’ve ever encountered.

  15. Man, I would like a whole bunch of TIME for Father’s Day. And with that time, I would smoke: an ~eccj~, an FSG, and a nice Quesada Corona Clasica.

  16. Hey Mike glad to see you back bro. Hope your on the up and up. Get better each day.
    As for the contest I would like to receive some luchador’s for Father’s day or tatujaue fausto.

  17. This San Cristobal sampler would work just fine!

    A box of Tatuaje TAA 2016 would also be great 🙂

  18. Still haven’t had Sobremesa, I wouldn’t mind trying them. I would like to smoke this sampler as well 🙂



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