Please Welcome The Sharp Fox

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Please Welcome The Sharp Fox

With the flood of IPCPR 2018 Coverage behind us, we thought that now would be a good time to introduce our newest Sponsor – The Sharp Fox.

The Sharp Fox is a Stainless Steel cigar cutter that comes in two varieties. The first is The Redwood which is a more traditional cutter with wood accents. The second is The Slim with a more modern minimalistic design.

Both cutters retail for under $20 and come in an impressive gift box.
Buy Your Sharp Fox Cutter Today

Stogie Review - The Sharp Fox


The Sharp Fox was kind enough to provide us with a few cutters to give away. If you would like to win one of these fine cutters, leave a comment below telling us which one you would like to win – The Redwood or the Slim.

We’ll randomly select two winners on September 21st and send them the cutter of their choice.

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37 thoughts on “Please Welcome The Sharp Fox

  1. Hey, Walt, what a pleasant surprise to see you posting on Stogie Review. Back in the day you taught me a lot about all things cigars and I always enjoyed your reviews and the way you made your readers feel like friends of yours. I miss that. Nice cutters, redwood would be my favorite.

  2. I’m a minimalist, and carry way too many things in my pockes already. The Slim would be my choice. Thanks for the great contest.

  3. Both look sweet. I’m thinking the Redwood one would be more comfortable in the pocket, easier to walk with. Like the classic wood design too. Thanks for asking, nice looking products.

  4. Dang, picking one of these would be tough. I’d mostly just like a little better cutter than the cheap POS I have now. Haha I guess if I had to choose, I’d pick the redwood, since it reminds me of vintage pocket knives.

  5. What’s up Stogie Review!!! I would pick the Slim version as I’m not a fan of things in my pockets… although that Redwood Design does look sharp.

  6. Hi Walt, I argee with others that it’s good to read your posts again. If picked, I would like the redwood. Good luck with the new business.

  7. Thanks Walt. Where would I be able to pick up the cutter? Could you bring it to the shop Saturday or do they ship it?

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