Camacho Check Six

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Camacho Check Six

Camacho Cigars introduced the Check Six at the 2016 IPCPR as an extension to the Brotherhood series of cigars.  The Brotherhood is a limited edition line of cigars that is released annually and released in only one size.  This years release, Check Six, is named after the phrase for a soldier, marine, airman or sailor to watch their back.  The phrase arose from World War II pilots as they used a clock face to denote the location of targets or enemy planes to others where the person uses 12:00 as looking forward.  Check Six means “check your six o’clock position” or, “check six” for short, meaning “watch your back”.

“Check Six” – Adolph Galland meets Al Deere, Bf 109E versus Spitfire Mk I during the Battle of Britain, 15 August 1940

Let’s take a look at the blend:

  • Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano 2000
  • Binder:  Nicaraguan Criollo
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran tobaccos
  • MSRP:  $12.50
  • Size:  6 x 50
  • Vitola:  Toro

Check Six is the second release in the Brotherhood series following the Shellback.  The Brotherhood series is a series where the theme is centered around honoring a specific “brotherhood” that reflects Camacho’s “Live Loud” mantra.

Pre-Light Inspection

The cigar has a beautifully smooth wrapper with minimal large veining.  The wrapper isn’t very oily, but it’s almost velvety to the touch.  The cap is well applied and the draw is the perfect milkshake draw that I like.  The pre-light flavors are cedar and earth.

First Half

The cigar is quite flavorful which is what you would expect from a Camacho cigar.  I get notes of cedar, almonds, black pepper, coffee bean and honey graham cracker.  I get a lot of black pepper and the honey graham cracker when I retrohale the cigar.  The nutty almond note and the cedar note are definitely the backbone of the cigar with the coffee bean note being a very nice accent.

Second Half

On the last half I get more of the coffee bean flavor, but the core is still the almond and cedar notes.  I get some red pepper flake spice now as well.  The honey graham cracker note has faded a lot, but it’s still there in the background poking its head out every now and then.  Black pepper is still strong on the retrohale and the body is full.

Overall Impressions

This cigar is very good.  Probably one of my favorite Camachos, if not my favorite, in the current line up.  I love the Brotherhood series and the stories behind them, especially the Check Six.  As part of a military family (I only managed a few years of Army ROTC in college at Mississippi State myself), but my wife is a US Naval Reserve officer, my stepson is a Marine and my dad was in the Army during the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam war so this cigar is pretty special to me as well. The cigar is well made with great flavors honoring our military.  All that is a winner combination with me.


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