Now Accepting Applicants for a new Everyday Smoke

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Now Accepting Applicants for a new Everyday Smoke

AJ Fernandez New World with Coffee

Back when Jerry and I started Stogie Review, way back in 2006, I was an adventurous cigar smoker. I would seek out new sticks to try, eager to share my thoughts on our little cigar blog. No matter how the cigar turned out – good, bad, or indifferent, smoking and reviewing new cigars was a fun pastime.

A few years back, things began to change. My wife and I were raising a young daughter and free time was getting harder to come by. When things got crazy and I only had the time to sit down with a cigar one day out of the week – being adventurous with my cigar selection became a big gamble.

Would I choose something new, which could potentially suck and ruin my rare bit of downtime or would I light up a tried and true regular smoke? After a couple of duds, my mindset quickly changed to “I’ve only got this limited amount of free time, I’m not willing to gamble it on a long shot”

As my cigar budget shrank (which happens when you have kids), I found an amazing regular smoke in the AJ Fernandez New World. Over the last few years, I’ve smoked boxes upon boxes. Need something quick while I’m driving home from work – AJ Fernandez New World Robusto. Sitting out on the deck after everyone has fallen asleep for the night – AJ Fernandez New World Gobernador.

With all of the vitolas coming in at under $6.00 per stick (B&M Price), the line was an absolute no-brainer for a guy on a budget. Rich flavors with a spicy component and solid construction had me coming back for fistfuls every time I visited my local shop.

About two weeks ago, I walked into my local shop and headed for the humidor when the owner called out “The New Worlds came in but they increased the price about sixty cents per stick”

There, sitting on the shelf, was a fresh box of Robustos priced at $6.30 per stick. Ever since I’ve been picking up the old stock a few sticks at a time. As much as I love the New World, I just can’t bring myself to spend $6.00 to $7.00 per stick.

Don’t get me wrong, the cigar is certainly worth the asking price, however, the price hike takes them out of the budget category and pits them head to head with some serious contenders.

As you would imagine, this poses a serious question. With the AJ Fernandez New World now out of the Everyday Smoke category (We’ll call that the $5.99 and under category), which cigar should I look to next? I’d love to hear some suggestions.

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27 thoughts on “Now Accepting Applicants for a new Everyday Smoke

  1. Walt – My go-to cheap smoke is Holt’s Old Henry regular line from Don Pepin. By the box of 25, the robusto is $4 and the Churchill $4.60. There’s also almost always a freebie, which now is a 5-pack from another Old Henry line and an ashtray. The drawback, of course, is it’s a Holt’s house brand so unless you’re in Philadelphia you’re stuck with mail order.

    1. George,
      A while back the Old Henry was all the rage in budget cigar circles but I’ve never smoked one. I’m in PA but far enough outside of Philly that I’d have to mail order unless I make a special trip (I hate driving in the city so that is unlikely).

      I’ll have to place an order for a 5-pack and give them a try.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Walt if the city is a hassle to get to and i definitely agree with you on that one. You should stop in the holts townsend rd location. Its near the edge of the city in NE philly. Plenty of free parking and a nice longevto enjoy a smoke. i highly recommend it. As far as a budget smoke you should try the holts factory specials made for holts by pepin garcia. Three different wrapper varieties. Very nice budget smokes.

  2. I live in California. There’s no such thing here as a $6 cigar at a B&M shop! Or, at least one worth smoking.

    1. Being in Pennsylvania, we’re fortunate to have several major retailers in-state to help fight against excessive taxes.

  3. I like the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura (black band). I’m finding this to be my go-to cigar: something I reach for when I want something good that never disappoints. Full of coffee and chocolate flavors and just the right amount of spice, perfect construction.

    Atlantic Cigar generally has these for less than $80 a box (20-count). That’s an absolute steal.

    1. I haven’t had an 1878 in quite some time. A while back they used to make variety boxes that were good and affordable.

      Thanks for the reminder

  4. I’ll probably take the hardline here but if I had a cigar blend that I smoked as my ‘everyday’ cigar I would just absorb the price increase. With price increases from manufacturers and B&M’s you would find another ‘everyday’ cigar around the $5 price point and that will eventually go up. Stick with what you enjoy!

  5. I enjoy various cigars and my way under budget is a Trader Jack’s rum flavored cigar. The favored cigars get a bad rap but I get 20 count for around $24.00.

  6. I can still vouch for the Curivari Buenaventura. I’ve gone through boxes of the shortest vitola, it’s perfect for in-between times, and it’s well under your cutoff for budget smoke.

    1. In my area, the only place that I’ve been able to find Curivari is in a chain of cigar stores.

      I don’t generally shop there but I might have to pop in and see if they have the Buenaventura.

  7. Sublimes are about $5.00 and very enjoyable. If mail order doesn’t bother you CI sells seconds. Some are quite good

  8. I recommend the La Traviata Maduro and the Padilla Reserva San Andres Maduro. Both can be found below $4.00 per stick from online retailers. The Padilla seems now to be backordered everywhere, but it is one heck of a stick.

    1. I used to absolutely love the La Traviata lineup. I don’t know what happened when CAO was bought by General but those cigars just weren’t the same anymore.

      Admittedly, I haven’t smoked a La Traviata in years. I’ll have to try one for olds times sake.

        1. I agree, La Pilar is a solid smoke. I would also recommend checking out Doña Nieves by El Galan and Duran Neya F-8 Patriot.

  9. I never smoked them before General bought them but found them in my search for really good bargain sticks. I ran into the Padilla Reserva San Andres at a local B&M, and the Toro blew me away with plenty of power and flavor and the ability to last a full three hours and twenty minutes. I think that is a record for me.

  10. Illusione Rothchildes (4.5×50). They’re are packed with awesome flavor and can be found for under $4 if you look around online. I buy them a box at a time because they are usually out of stock. Well worth it for an hour or more of enjoyment.

  11. Walt, my go to is the Ramon Bueso Genesis Project. Great flavors, it’s like a candy bar. Pairs well with a lot of different beverages both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Can typically find boxes starting at $60 for the robusto, often on special as well.

    Also, the Illusione Rothchild is awesome too, but harder to find

  12. Try the schizo. I can’t remember who makes them but there dirt cheap and not half bad for an everyday smoke

  13. AB Tempus maduro was on sale for $39 for a 10 count at CI. I did not see a review on here for that cigar but it could be a winner.

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