IPCPR 2017: Drew Estate – ACID & Larutan

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IPCPR 2017: Drew Estate – ACID & Larutan

In the opposite corner of the Drew Estate booth from Pedro we met up with Fabien Ziegler (aka Dirty Fabian) to talk about developments in the ACID department for IPCPR 2017. He revealed his devious plan to rock everyone’s world by introducing a Blue line blend with a candela wrapper leaf. Do not adjust your screen, the cigar is green. The method to the madness is pairing up the sweet, aromatic Blue line blend with the bitterness of the candela leaf to achieve some balance between the two. The new candela ACID cigars will start shipping shortly after the trade show and will be available in both Kuba Kuba and Blondie sizes. And Fabien wants you to know that it won’t cost you any extra green for this green.

Additionally there were interesting developments in the well known Drew Estate Natural line. Or should I say, Larutan. No surprise, Europe took issue with Drew Estate selling a cigar called “Natural” even though it is a natural product. Anticipating that an increasingly intrusive FDA would have similar thoughts on the matter, Drew Estate preemptively flipped the script, changing the name to Larutan, which of course is Natural spelled backwards. The blends are still the same, and if you start to feel stressed about it, Fabien suggests looking at the cigar in a mirror. This is a selfie cigar if ever there was one.

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