IPCPR 2018: Cohiba

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IPCPR 2018: Cohiba

Sean Williams was bringing sexy back this year in the Cohiba section of the General Cigar booth. And sexy, it turns out, is named Spectre. Sean describes Spectre as his ultimate cigar geek project, that started with finding a 22 year old tercio (palm bark-wrapped bale) of piloto cubano in the factory. The blend includes a variety of other well aged tobaccos, including Nicaraguan leaf that was aged in sherry barrels. A lot went into producing the cigar, and according, it’s both very limited and commands a higher than average price, even for Cohiba. If you happen to be lucky enough to find the Cohiba Spectre, you can expect to retail for $90 per stick, plus applicable taxes. There will be more Cohiba Spectres in the future, but this Spectre blend is understandably one-and-done.

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