EP Carrillo New Wave – Connecticut

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EP Carrillo New Wave – Connecticut

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Last week I had the pleasure of reviewing the new EP Carrillo Elencos. This week, Jerry was slated to tackle the EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut. Unfortunately, for him, Jerry ran into some video problems and had to scrap the review. Fortunately, for me, it meant that I was then able to smoke this fantastic new cigar and tell you all about it.

I realize that by saying this is a fantastic cigar, so early on in the review, that I have spoiled it for you. The fact of the matter is, I simply can’t say it enough. I was highly impressed by this new connecticut and was even happier when I found out the price point. Available in four sizes, Stellas (5 1/8 x 42 @ $4.50), Brillantes (5 x 50 @ $5.25), Divinos (6 x 52 @ $6.25) and the Gran Via (7 x 49 @ $7.00), I think the EP Carrillo New Wave is this years rendition of the CAO La Traviata (Good cigar at a value price).

Since I’ve spent the last two paragraphs running off at the mouth about how much I like the EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut, lets take a look at the technical side of my experience. As usual, the first thing I did before lighting up my cigar was give it a visual inspection. What I found was a wrapper with consistent coloring and small veins. The cap was neatly applied but had a crack at the top. Visually, this crack was a distraction but was removed during clipping.

Once clipped, the cold draw tasted of spanish cedar. There was slight resistance which lead me to believe that the stick would produce plenty of smoke. Once lit, my assumption was proven correct and plumes of dense smoke were produced. This effortless draw remained for the entirety of the cigar.

There is a common misconception that Connecticut Shade wrapped cigars are mild. That assumption is laid to rest with the EP Carrillo New Wave. Medium in body and full flavored, this cigar hits the ground running from the very first puff. The flavor intensity doesn’t let up and only grows as the stick burns shorter. The finish is easy on the palate and presents a buttery-like texture.

The flavor of Spanish Cedar drifts in and out of the profile. For a few puffs this taste will be easy to distinguish and a few puffs later, almost completely gone. Flavors of leather and salt move in and out of the profile in a similar manner but do not play as large a roll. Combined with a rich taste of tobacco, the flavor profile is what I would easily describe as complex.

As I mentioned in the video, I was only sent two of these EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut cigars. Now that they have both been turned to ash, I can not wait to get my hands on more. I think that this cigar is going to overtake the Oliva Connecticut Reserve as my favorite Connecticut wrapped stick.

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18 thoughts on “EP Carrillo New Wave – Connecticut

  1. I SO want to try these. I hope a place around me gets them in soon or else I can find them up at CigarFest to give a try.

    I also hope they do not build in body like the Inaugural Edicion 2009 has as you let them age.

  2. Walt I got my hands on a few of these thew other day and smoked one so far. I have to agree with you lots of cedar and leather. Know that you mentioned the salt taste there was something there I wasnt able to put my finger on. Good review as always.

  3. Man, I hope they include one of these in the goody bag at the Texas Cigar Festival!!!! Thanks for the review.

    P.S. – Personally, I like the written reviews over video reviews

  4. Great review Walt. This is one I’ll definitely try. I loved your description and comparison to the Oliva Connecticut which is my favorite Connie. I hope my local B&M starts to carry them soon, although I have to say none that I’ve visited carry E.P. Carrillo here in PR so far. You can bet I’ll keep on asking forcefully. (LOL). Thanks for the review and keep on smoking.

  5. Did you say the CAO La Traviata was $4.95 where your at?! Damn that’s a steal if I heard right! Here in Seattle I’ve only found them for$ 6.50 and up.
    as always, great review walt! Those new waves sound fantastic ill have to seek some out.

    1. Yes, before CAO was bought out (I don’t know if the pricing has changed since, my local hasn’t re-stocked) I was paying $4.95 for the robusto. I just picked up a handful of La Traviata Maduro from another shop at $5.25 each.

  6. Nice review,
    I will certainly try one when I see it on the shelf. The main thing that made me try the La Traviata was the great reviews and the better price point, and now became one of my favorites.
    It sounds like another great smoke at a great price.

  7. Nice review, Walt. This years’ La Traviata? That’s good news for all of us who look for great quality at a lower price point. I’ll be looking for these.

  8. Sounds like an awesome smoke, I’ll have to try it.

    Walt what do you think about the Montecristo White? That’s one of my fav connies

    1. David,
      It has been so long since I have had a Montecristo White that I don’t even remember if I like them. The next time I walk through the cigar shop I’ll keep an eye out for one.

      Thanks for the comment

  9. I’m finally getting to try one of these (in the Stella size), and although I’m not getting any salty flavor, the rest of your description is pretty much spot-on. The draw started out fairly tight, but has opened up nicely after the first half. An interesting thing is, while a lot of Connecticuts seem to leave my mouth feeling dry, this one seems to be stimulating my salivary glands. Very enjoyable.

    Thanks for the review, as always.

  10. I have a 5-pack of these on the way in the Gran Via size. To say it is as good or better than the Oliva CT Reserve is, I think, a bold statement. I cannot wait to see whether I agree.

  11. Walt, great review as always. I haven’t been able to smoke anything for about two months and this is only the second stick I was able to smoke since my run in with some sinus issues. I picked up on the leather, not so much on the cedar though. I’m just wondering if my pallet is in need of reprogramming because of the beating my sinuses had taken. Any thoughts? Keep up the great reviews!

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