IPCPR 2018: Mombacho

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IPCPR 2018: Mombacho

In the Mombaco booth this year, Claudio tells us about the second release of Cosecha, Cosecha 2013. It’s a proper vintage, a Nicaraguan puro that’s made exclusively with one year’s harvest of tobacco. All the tobacco from these cigars was harvested in 2013, as the name indicates. Because the cigars age so long, he tells us that Cosecha 2014 and Cosecha 2015 have already been made and are aging.

Claudio also tells us about an upcoming project, Casa Favilli, which is named after the Mombacho Cigar Factory in Granada, Nicaragua. The cigars weren’t on display at the tradeshow, and what makes it particularly interesting is the blend will feature Nicaraguan-grown broadleaf grown in Jalapa, and will be the fullest bodied smoke Mombacho produces. Production on this cigar has been delayed by the situation in Nicaragua, but it should be released some time later this year.

Though not the headliner of the show for Mombacho, or even a new product, the diminutive Mombachitos quickly stole our attention. I love a short smoke, and was impressed with the flavor the little hand rolled cigarillos delivered while we did the interview. Though it’s hard to confirm, they think it’s the smallest hand rolled long filler cigar currently being produced at 4 1/2 x 26.

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