IPCPR 2019: Miami Cigar and La Aurora

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IPCPR 2019: Miami Cigar and La Aurora

A trip to the Miami Cigar booth means a tour of the latest La Aurora and Toscano products in addition to the latest from Nestor Miranda. This year Nate McIntyre shows us new limited edition Toscano Stilnovo, the Tatiana Harvest Moon, the return of the Don Lino Africa as a box-pressed cigar made by AJ Fernandez, the return of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection, and the full lineup of the La Aurora 115th Anniversary, La Auroa Preferidos Hors d’Age, and finally, the limited edition La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2007. Did I say finally? I left out the value-priced La Aurora 1985 Maduro.

Along the way we talked Nestor Miranda into bringing back the Danno. (Hashtag breaking news, hashtag dancing banana.)

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2 thoughts on “IPCPR 2019: Miami Cigar and La Aurora

  1. But do you know that the Toscano Stilnovo in Italy was a cigar without success? All Tuscan cigar smokers hated this cigar.

    1. Toscano has a good following here in the U.S. I haven’t had the Stilnovo yet, so I can’t speak to that particular one. But I can say that many cigars are more popular in some regions than others. It could end up being more popular here.

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