Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

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Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

I’ve usually never liked much from the Romeo y Julieta line from Cuba except the churchills. Their flavor profiles just wasn’t something I cared for. In 2016, I bought a box of Cazadores on a flash sale for a great price, so I figured I’d give them another try as the Cazadores is a very popular size for Romeo y Julieta. I’ve had them aging since then and sampling them a little throughout the years. I have finally been through enough to give my thoughts on the Cazadores, or at least my perspective on my box.

  • Size: 6 3/8 x 44
  • Wrapper: Cuba
  • Binder: Cuba
  • Filler: Cuba
  • Vitola: Cazadores
  • Box Code: ORG NOV 2016
Romeo y Julieta Cazadores Box Code


The cigars all look decently rolled, but none of them would win a beauty contest. Unlike cigars from companies based in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc, these cigars aren’t held to the same quality control standards. The cigars in my box vary in wrapper color. That isn’t all, as I’ve smoked through half the box and at least half of those cigars I smoked were too tightly rolled. This review sample is one of those. I can barely draw much air through it, but what I can draw through, I get grassy notes with some slightly woody nuances.

Romeo y Julieta Cazadores

First Half

Well, the Romeo y Julieta Cazadores isn’t starting off well. As I stated above, the draw on these cigars is terrible, so it’s hard to get much flavor out of it. What flavors I did get was grassy notes, cedar, some nuttiness and a hint of spice. I could see the potential in the cigar, and I know it’s there because some of the others I’ve smoked were good, but with the very tight draw, it’s almost flavorless.

First Half

Last Half

Honestly, the Romeo y Julieta Cazadores hasn’t changed much. It has the same flavors, but they are more muted now. The only change was the cedar note is much stronger. The cigar is very linear and quite boring.

Last half


What can I say? This cigar was bad. Very bad. I know they aren’t all like this, but a good portion of my box was like this one. There lies the problem with some of the Cuban lines. They are hit or miss on quality control. You might get a good box with no issues or get one like I did where half are unsmokeable. I’ve given up on the Cazadores. I’ll stick with the Wide Churchills in the Romeo y Julieta line.

Final Score: 64


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