Revisiting the CAO America Monument

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Revisiting the CAO America Monument

CAO America Monument

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been dabbling in cigars from my past. The most recent of which is the CAO America Monument – a 54 x 6.25 Belicoso that launched way back at the 2007 RTDA (or was it the IPCPR that year?)

It’s hard to believe that this cigar was released so long ago. It almost seems like a different world – back when CAO was headed up by Tim Ozgener and John Huber was a Twitter Cigar Titan.

I can remember seeing that cigar for the very time and thinking that it looked amazing. A sharp patriotic band (with foot band) and a beautiful barber pole wrapper with contrasting shades. The cigar grabbed people’s attention and it quickly became sought after.

After over a decade from its release, I could hardly believe that they were still being produced (and on sale via Cigar Monster). What are the odds that it would be as enjoyable as it was all those years ago? I took the chance and placed an order for a 5-Pack.

From a cosmetic standpoint, the CAO America looks every bit as good as when it first launched. Simply put, its a sharp looking cigar that has stood the test of time.

Since getting the 5-Pack in the mail, I’ve smoked four cigars. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with them. They aren’t as good as I remember them being (perhaps I should phrase that differently – I wasn’t as excited to smoke these as I was the originals).

The CAO America is a solid Medium Bodied Cigar. The flavor profile is what I think of as the Earthy core flavors – Earth, Leather, a little Nutty. My palate isn’t what it used to be and I don’t have the ability (or desire) to dive deep and focus on nuance.

In simple terms – I enjoyed it and would most definitely smoke more in the future. It’s medium body makes it an easy cigar to enjoy anytime of day without overwhelming you in the morning or underwhelming you in the evening.

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If you’ve tried the CAO America recently – what did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Revisiting the CAO America Monument

    1. Hey Bugs,
      I guess it is completely coincidental but after stumbling onto these and smoking through a five-pack, I got another one yesterday at an event (came in a gift-pack).

      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  1. Hey, Walt, I honestly can’t remember if I have ever smoked a CAO America. And I, too, am a little less fixated on cigar taste and aroma (single malt scotch, you are an exception). I revisited a CAO Italia recently (okay, I got a couple of 5-packs off Cbid) and found them an interesting and surprisingly complex smoke. One of the things I like about CAO is they are good value in a sea of $10+ boutique cigars.

    1. Hey George,
      I tried really hard to like Single Malt Scotch but I don’t have a taste for Islay and Highland doesn’t do it for me like Bourbon.

      I haven’t had an Italia in a very long time. The Brazilia used to be one of my go-to budget friendly cigars. I’ll have to revisit both of those.

      You are right – CAO is a good value in a sea of increasingly expensive boutique cigars.

  2. Walt…hope you are well. I have 20 original release sticks to this day if you’d like to try one…still have some of those camacho’s as well…lol let me know!

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