CAO eLements Tasting with Tim Ozgener

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CAO eLements Tasting with Tim Ozgener

A couple of weeks back I got a message on the Stogie Review fan forums asking about sending in guest video. I explained that the submittal process was as simple as uploading the files to us and I’d have a look over it. As we got to talking some more, I learned that Rico (nowhereusa) was going to be attending a CAO eLements tasting with Tim Ozgener. The event was to be held at his local shop and he wanted to provide a video account of the event to share with the followers of Stogie Review.

Below is all of the video that Rico recorded. Please keep in mind that this video was shot while participating in the tasting, so the camera had to be put down for cutting, lighting, etc. The video runs for nearly an hour and covers several puros which, when combined, makes up the CAO LX2.

I’d like to thank Rico for going through the trouble to handle a video camera while participating in the event. We greatly appreciate the submittal and hope to see more in the future.

From Rico

So for those that haven’t been able to make it to the CAO tasting i decided to try and take some video to show you what you missed out on. This particular tasting took place at Tobacco Grove in MN. I have to thank Tobacco Grove for letting me film, and also huge thanks to Strom the local CAO rep and also Tim Ozgener the CAO president who was leading the tasting that day! It was also Tim’s 40th that day so we were really lucky he was there. Forgive the bad video it was my first time and it was hand held and i was trying to smoke!

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3 thoughts on “CAO eLements Tasting with Tim Ozgener

  1. Rico – Thanks for recording this. I sparked up a cigar and watched the whole thing in one sitting. I thought it was very informative and Tim seemed like a cool guy as well. I liked that he got into picking apart flavors in a cigar with the crowd. Lots of info.

  2. Yeah Tim was great, especially considering he was on his second tasting that day. Hopefully if i do another i’ll have a tripod with me so i can smoke while not having to hold the damn camera.

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