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Tortuga Edicion Limitada 2011

The Tortuga Cigars brand isn’t a household name…to me. Until a couple weeks ago I never heard of it and if it wasn’t for George Brightman of W.Curtis Draper I would’ve ignored it on the shelf of their Bethesda MD location. As typical with my generation of cigar smoker, you walk into your shop and […]

Week in Smoke

Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

I’m switching things up and am going to start publishing my Week in Smoke on my Monday spot. With so much going on I like to devote as much of the weekend to family time (although as I type this I’m at W.Curtis Draper watching football). So my Thursday spot will now be my review […]


Benji Menendez Event Pictorial

Now that the site is back to normal its time to catchup on content. As you know, master blender Benji Menendez has been in my area this week. On Tuesday he was at W.Curtis Draper-Bethesda. Charlie was cool enough to make the drive down from Wilmington DE and my new friend Lanh joined me for […]

Site News

Well We Are Back

Its been a crazy past couple days. First I’d like to apologize for the site and fan forums being down. The issue started with our site being hit hard by a DDoS attack and instead of just shutting things down till the attacker(s) moved on to another target we decided to fight back by giving […]

Week in Smoke

Week in Smoke – TGT Edition

Like I said earlier, I shouldn’t be here writing this post. I should be soaking up the nice Caribbean weather with other cigar bloggers who are visiting the Dominican Republic. So now I’m just mad, bitter and jealous. LOL. Just kidding, such is life. I wish all the other bloggers a safe trip. No need […]


Benji Menendez in the DC/Baltimore Area

I’m not supposed to be here. I’m supposed to be in the Dominican Republic with other bloggers as guests of General Cigars, smoking poolside with Benji Menendez. I was all set to go and then this little thing called a disaster at work entered into the picture causing me to cancel my travel plans at […]

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