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Out for a Walk with an Oliva Serie G Maduro

Several years ago our friend Craig of rolled out a feature on his blog in which he called “Take a Cigar for a Walk“. The premise was to incorporate a cigar into Craig’s fitness routine. I know, that sounds counterproductive but stick with me… Craig started a walking routine and used the cigar as […]

Stogie Talk

Cigar Boxes and Identity Crises

An occasional cigar smoking friend recently asked me how many cigars come in a standard cigar box. My answer was there isn’t a standard. 20-count boxes are common, but I’ve seen enough boxes between holding between 21 to 25 sticks to make me wonder if 20-counts are really the most common. And then there’s been […]

Stogie Talk

A Tale of Two Cigar Reps

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to to tell you a little story about two cigar reps. Actually, it isn’t much in the way of a story – I just need a lead-in to a question and I’m very interested in your input on the matter. Anyway, back to the point… I’d like you to take […]

Stogie Talk

That Cigar Shop is Dead to Me

As a customer, I have a tendency to be rather picky. In today’s fast paced internet world, buying products online is fast, easy, and typically cheaper than a physical location. With that said, if you want to earn my business and keep me coming to your store you need to provide a service and atmosphere […]

Stogie Talk

Fox News Ruined My Cigar Shop

It seems like it was only yesterday that Kensington Tobacconist closed its doors for the last time. It has been a few years but I think fondly of the shop. I spent a great deal of time there over the years and die a little inside every time I see what it has become – […]

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