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CHATweetUp 2013: Nomad Cigars

Fred Rewey’s a guy I’ve been meaning to talk to for a while. The opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago at the Chattanooga Tweetup, in a walk-in humidor conveniently stocked with plenty of Nomad cigars. In this interview, we touch on the Fugitive II, the Esteli Lot 1386 and the upcoming box-pressed Sumatra S-307. […]


Cigar Bunching Methods at Drew Estate with Willy Herrera and Nick Melillo

A lot of people know that a cigar is composed of a wrapper, binder and filler, but not many understand how it all comes together.  One of the most critical components in the cigar making processes is the bunching of the filler tobaccos to be rolled with a binder.  At Drew Estate, they used what […]

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