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Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve

In the chaotic weeks that lead up to this review, I’ve been smoking Nestor Miranda’s Grand Reserve with intention of putting up a review. Unfortunately, life and schedules haven’t been cooperating lately, and this already limited release has become even more limited in availability. Fortunately the 10,000 sticks that were produced haven’t vanished from the […]

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1143 Seconds with Pete Johnson

Last week, the night before I left for an overseas business trip, I sat down with Pete Johnson at a Tatuaje Cigars event hosted by Holt’s Cigar Company in Northeast Philadelphia. We talked about a lot of things going on in the Tatuaje universe, including the upcoming Cojonu 2012s, future installments of the Monster series, […]


Tatuaje Black Label Petite Lancero

I’m back from IPCPR in Las Vegas (perhaps you noticed a mention of it or two in the past few weeks?) and it’s time to get back to doing what we do the other fifty-or-so weeks a year: reviewing cigars. But it’s a little too soon to break into the random samples I picked up […]


Para Japón Virtual Release Party & Contest

The earthquakes and tsunamis that ravaged Japan earlier this year may no longer be in the headlines, but that doesn’t mean all has returned to normal in the archipelago nation. The process of cleaning up and recovering from the disaster will take years, with a high cost that is nearly impossible to accurately estimate. The […]

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