Cigar News: Your Next Party

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Cigar News: Your Next Party

Okay let me say that this has to be in the Top 5 of the most awesome things I’ve ever discovered on the internet. The other 4 not being appropriate to be mentioned here…

Cigar Catering – How awesome is this? You can have a cigar roller at your next party! They roll cigars, make custom bands, bring pre-maid cigars ready to smoke and you get the fresh rolled cigars as a keepsake. So what that it costs $975! You have a cigar roller at your party! Does it get any cooler than that? They seem to have the service available in most of the major cities like Detroit, Las Vegas, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, L.A., Atlantic City and Washington DC. I’m about 2 years away from my 30th birthday so I will need to make sure the wife keeps this in mind when planning my party. She knows that I like to use chairs covers and that kind of thing for decoration.  If they offered this in Denver, not only would I go to the HPSF Summer Event but I’d pay for most of it (unless my my dear lovely wife objects). If you happen to host such a party, I hope I will be on the VIP list…

EDIT: I did a search on the company and found this news article, Cigar roller gets party, well, rolling…how cool is this guys wife?


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  1. I dont remember if it an episode on the “Dog Watch Social Club” or the “Cigar Nation”, but those guys were talking about being at a smoke shop that had a rep and a roller there from a big name company. They said it was great.

    Only thing to remember is that the cigars are going to be wet from the rolling process. From what ive heard you need to let them rest and come down to the proper humidity for about two weeks.

    Even though the price is a little steep to have a roller at your part, it would probably be well worth it. I know id remember your party for a long time if i walked away with a couple of cigars rolled right before my eyes.

  2. La Aurora roller was in Denver last weekend and in a few months the forman roller at torano will be back. Get a fresh rolled torano, great deals on other torano products, 10-40 other cigar smokers to talk to depending on flow of people at the time, grilled food.
    Torno is the company putting it on but same guy would also roll CAO and a few other names being a top roller and they all use the same factory. I could never get a torano roller of quality at my own party but cigar stores pull weight that I do not 🙂

    Would be fun to have a roller at a personal party liek a B day but then you get local shop tobacco not fuente or some nice high end tobacco being rolled

  3. I’ll be 30 in about a year and half…already told the wife that this is what I wanted.

    Glad to see your comments Sardious!

  4. I,m a cigar roller in Denver. My shop is located at 22nd st. downtown, I roll cigars for all types of special events. My tobacco is the best available. I purchase leaf from a family owned co. that has been highlighted in Cigar Aficionado Mag. They sell to all major cigar companies, such as Fuente,etc. I encourage you to stop by Palma cigar Co. for the best cigars in this state. Thanks, Clay

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