Cigar News: Blowing Smoke (Movie)

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Cigar News: Blowing Smoke (Movie)

Blowing Smoke (Movie)

I found out about this movie thanks to my buddy Unamed13 from the Cigar World Forums. Here is the synopsis from the movie’s website:

Late one night, seven guys are sitting around at a cigar club in Beverly Hills, smoking cigars, playing high-stakes poker and complaining about how men always seem to get screwed-over by women. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.

The movie is about what men talk about when women aren’t around. In the end they get fucked but not exactly the way they wanted it… You can love this movie or you can hate it. You might get it and enjoy it or you might get it and say a smart ass comment like “nothing here that I didn’t know about”. That’s fine, we can take it.

Oh, and we have used some really groovy digital technology making this movie, which should make any movie geek go weak in the knees.

I took the plunge and purchased the movie via download (500mb zip file) from their site for $9.99 and hope to watch and review this weekend. It requires the free DivX player. For those who know me personally, you know how to PM me to setup a viewing.


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