H. Upmann – Vintage Cameroon

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H. Upmann – Vintage Cameroon

I picked up a H.Upmann – Vintage Cameroon, last week on my way home from work. I wanted to let it age a little before smoking but i just couldnt resist.

I was over a friends house last night I decided to fire it up. It looked like a typical H. Upmann cigar. The wrapper was a nice sheen but very soft. It punched great and burned very well. I wasn’t in a position to takes notes as we were sitting back smoking cigars outdoors in this beautiful weather we’ve been having.

The taste was much fuller than i was expecting, but it was good. I had a good hour and fifteen minutes of smoking pleasure out of it. The only downside to the cigar was how soft it was. By the time i got to the 50% mark the wrapper had split due to how fragile it had become.

I wish i could say more about this stick, but my notes are where i jot down every little flavor change.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 84/100

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