Indian Tabac – Super Fuerte

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Indian Tabac – Super Fuerte

Tonight i decided to break into the sampler i bought a few weeks back. I decided on the Indian Tabac – Super Fuerte. The cigar just looks intimidating. The wrapper is really dark and rich. The cigar felt nice and firm and had a great square press that just seemed to fit perfectly in my mouth.

Right away the flavor just comes at you. I lit this cigar and was amazed at the burst of flavor i got out of the first puff. The burn was nice and slow. The resting smoke was very light and clean looking. With each puff i was getting a decent amount of smoke that was nice and cool.

Throughout the smoke i wasn’t getting much flavor change. You could taste the flavor kind of build up then back off. It tasted like a heavy stout beer. It reminded me of an El Rey Del Mundo without the overpowering aroma from the foot of the cigar.

This cigar falls into the Low to Mid price range, which to me is right where it belongs. I think its well worth the money. I wouldn’t recommend it to a new smoker, its just too strong and may discourage someone from trying something like this in the future.

This cigar really fit the bill. I was sitting outside enjoying the weather and just felt like a nice full bodied cigar. With this one, i was not disappointed.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review sheet: 87/100

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7 thoughts on “Indian Tabac – Super Fuerte

  1. I use to be a part of the CI monthly cigar club and they’d send Indian Tabac all the time. Its been awhile since I’ve tried one but it sounds like they are still just as strong as ever.

    1. Like the review, but I would love to see a video review of this cigar. I’ve heard so many back and forths on it and a video review is always more enjoyable. IF not, keep up the great work.

  2. Hi have a box of Corona Maduros, box pressed. Unfortunately these have a very tight draw, I assume due to the box press (4 of 7 so far with that problem). Are the Robustos different in that aspect?

  3. Magste,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    All of the Indian Tobac Super Fuertes that I have had to date, have all had a pretty firm draw. I think it may be common with this line (However I have only had the one size, so I am not sure how the others are).


  4. The Indian Tabac Super Fuerte robusto is the best value for a full-bodied, creamy cigar I have yet to find.

    The robusto-sized naturals are actually fuller than the maduros in this line. CI and Famous regularly offer specials on the robustos coming out at $1.50-$2.00 per stick. Truly great deals.

  5. At first glance I agree with the above comments. This cigar is tight on the draw and has some burn issues BUT that is when it is very firm. I had the same problems and then moved these cigars closer to my humidifier for a few weeks and pulled one out tonight and it was a good but softer and this made all the difference! It was very smooth drawing and the the flavor was medium to full with hints of spice nuts and some chocolate undertones throughout. It is somewhat one dimensional but 110% better than the other times I had smoked a super fuerte maduro. So give that a try if you have draw and flavor harshness

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