5 Vegas – Series “A” – Archetype (Toro)

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5 Vegas – Series “A” – Archetype (Toro)

Size Name: Archetype (Toro)
Length: 6.00
Ring: 50
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper Color: Dark Brown (Maduro)

Last night I got out of class early and decided that I was going to have a cigar once I got home. I decided to go with the 5 Vegas Series “A” Archetype, that I got in a sampler last month.

This cigar has a large attractive band along with a cedar sheath that covers most of the cigar. After removing the cedar you can?t help but notice how dark and appealing this cigar is.

I punched the end of my cigar and began the lighting process. The cigar lit very easily, the draw was a little firm but very flavorful. The initial was relatively mild with hints of cocoa. The mild flavor took me a little off guard. I was expecting a much fuller flavor, however this was nice.

The cocoa undertones seemed to disappear then would slowly creep up on you again. This cigar was relatively mild throughout the first third of smoking. The flavor started to pick up leaving less hints cocoa and more of a woodsy flavor on the pallet.

After a little more time passed I hear a sudden pop that just made me shudder. I the wrapper had cracked leaving a hole, big enough for me to see straight through. At this point the cigar took a hard turn and became very full in flavor. I slowed down and tried my best to keep the cigar from overheating, but the cracked wrapper seemed to make this impossible. The flavor was now very harsh and I almost gave up on this stick.

I toughed it out and smoked about an inch of cigar before I was past the crack. Once I got beyond the crack in the wrapper the cigar was fantastic. I’m really glad I didn’t give up on it. The harshness was gone and the cigar was much creamier than it was initially.

The cocoa flavor was more apparent now while the woodsy flavor died down to the point where I could barely notice it. The flavor was a bit milder than in the mid section of the cigar. Things sort of settled into my comfort zone and I didn’t want to put it down.

After about two hours of smoking the nub was finally too short to hold on to and I had to lay it down in the ashtray.

To sum things up I think that was a fantastic cigar. My rating would have been higher, but the crack in the wrapper really seemed to destroy the flavor and complexity of this cigar. I have one more left in this size and cant wait for a few months to go by so I can review it again. I’m hoping the problem with the wrapper was just a fluke and the next one will be even more enjoyable than the first.

My rating sheet can be found below.


Review Sheet: 84/100

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15 thoughts on “5 Vegas – Series “A” – Archetype (Toro)

  1. Only one more left? Looks like I may have to order a 5-pack from CI. Are they the only place that offers these guys online? The Costa Rican Maduro wrapper on these guys sounds yummy to me.

  2. Im not sure if CI is the only one or not.

    Definately a stick to try. From what i hear they get much much better with age.

    I only have one more toro left (Gifted the other 3), but 5 churchills are still sitting in the coolidor 🙂

  3. This is a great smoke at a really great price. I bought a buncle (20) of the Apocalypse sized cigars for under $50 at cigarbid.com! Definately a GREAT deal on a wonderful smoke. (I suppose I shouldn’t have said anything because now you will be bidding against me! Oh well, just thank me when you get them and give them a try, a must for maduro lovers.)

  4. I havent had the Archetype, but I have smoked a few of the Atomics. None have produced the splitting problem for me most likely a fluke.

    First few were rough on me as I was new to smoking, but I left the rest in the humidor for about 2 weeks during vacation. Got back and they are incredible. I definitely recommend these to anyone who likes the cocoa, coffee, creamy type cigars. I also recommend to smoke with a Guinness (or Dr Pepper for under21).

  5. I have a pretty good selection of cigars in my coolerdor–Partagas limted reserve, various Cubans, Mac vintage 1992, Fuente opus x & Hemingways, Perdomo ESVs, Gurkas, Padrons,oranos etc.
    I bought the Series A and now that all I want to smoke!

  6. They are one of my favorite smokes! I’ve smoked Artisan(5X50) and Atomic(4.5X54) so far and I just placed an order of Alpha ones(6X52) a few days ago.. I’ve been smoking more of Atomic over Artisan and usually keep at least 20 of them in my humidor ’cause they seem to taste slightly better than the others for some reason. Doesn’t anybody agree on that or just me?

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