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Jerry’s Humidor

Well folks, here it is! My humidor in all its glory! Purchased from my local JR Cigars shop in August 2004 this beauty has seen cigars, of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, come and go. There are many humidors like it but this one is mine (please allow time for the page to render since the pictures are somewhat big).

My Romeo y Julieta humidor is number 036 out of 150 that were produced. The number is located on the lower right side on the front of the humidor.

It features a partial glass lid that gives me a quick window into my cigars and to the digital hygrometer. The digital hygrometer is normally located under the glass portion of the lid.

Under the top lid is one storage space. The humidor came with two dividers, one humidification device and an analog hygrometer. I’ve added an additional humidification device during the winter and switched to a digital hygrometer. I use the top area to display the finer sticks in my collection like my one Opus X, Hemingway and somewhere underneath something are my two sticks that I cherish, Carlos Torano Tribute Series 2004. Off to the left side you will see two Partagas Series D (Cuban). They were gifted to me (one is actually my buddy Jon’s but I’m holding it for him) and while the wrapper has seen better days, I couldn’t turn down the gift now could I?

The front panel pulls down to reveal 8 additional drawers (4 on each side). This is my general storage area. There really isn’t any organization as this is where I pull my every day smokes from. Behind the drawers are two additional humidification devices.

Total capacity for my humidor is up to 300 cigars. Somehow I managed to cram 310 cigars in it. I still have boxes of cigars that I got from the Philippines still waiting in line as well as box of Bolivar SRO that I just picked up today. Luckily the Bolivar sticks are in all glass tubes. My local JR Cigars had this box on their shelf since October 2001 and again, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to purchase this box right?

I’ve showed you mine…now its time to show me your’s.


44 thoughts on “Jerry’s Humidor

  1. Verry nice looking humidor Jerry.

    Ive heard alot of talk about how nice your humidor was, but i had no idea you had a numbered RyJ.

    Thats the first humidor that ive seen that uses a solid panel that folds down to seal the drawers. I think ive finally found a concept humirdor to base my humidor design on.

    I dont know if you remember, but i made mention a while back that i was going to be building a humidor. I never came up with a design i was completely happy with. After seeing this post i think i can manage to correct the way the drawers operate, and hopefully finish up my design and start building.

  2. Oh yeah, just so I give credit where credit is due. All pictures were taken by my wife. She’s much more talented than I am when it comes to operating the digital camera.

    I’m always out on the lookout for another one of these guys. I know they produced them in 3 colors (150 in each color). Wouldn’t mind another in a different color.

    1. Jerry,

      I have the Blonde color version # 116/130 of your humidor I am looking to by a tower display so I am selling mine for 250.00. If you are interested let me know.

      Fr. Stephen Ayotte
      Holy Angels & Saints Church

  3. Hey Kirk! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to post a comment.

    The humidor ran me $300 at my local JR Cigars in Washington DC. At the time I saw them online for $600 so I ran back down to the store and grabbed it.

  4. I was wondering where you saw them online. I’ve looked for it but could not find it anywhere. That humi is awesome.

  5. Jerry, I will be getting a humidor very similar to yours in a few days. Was my step dads but he has moved on to something much bigger. It is a light yellow color and from what I can remember it has a glass window on the door that opens to the drawers. I was just wondering how you keep the 8 drawers at a good humidity level, from the pics I can only see the humidifier in the top section. Right now I have 2 humidors and use 3 of the small diamond crown humidifiers. I would be keeping my better cigars in the lower drawers many of which are irreplaceable so that is why i’m concerned about the humidity in the lower drawers. I will post some pics when I get it, will hopefully be Thursday night. The only other info I have about it is that it has these number 37/130 on the bottom and a paper inside that says hand painted #1468 of 2000, July 1999. I’m not sure what exactly these numbers mean, if anyone knows please let me know. I assumed it’s of 2000 of this type of humidor and maybe 39 of 130 of this specific color. Thanks, matt

  6. Hey Matt! Your new humidor from your step dad sounds exciting.

    What I don’t show in any of the pictures is that behind the drawers on each side is a humidification device similar to the standard black one at the top. So the humidor really has 3 humidification devices (top, behind left drawer, behind right drawer).

    In each I replaced the standard green foam with 70% humidification beads and I have to say, my humidor is humming along nicely.

    Can’t wait to see pics!

  7. Jerry,
    Would you happen to have a rough estimate of the external dimensions of the humidor (HxWxD) I’m trying to figure out where i’m doing to put it but I can only remember what it looks like not how big.

  8. Hey Jerry how did you season your humidor? Did you wipe all of the drawers down or did you use some other method?

  9. Clint it was such a long time ago…if my memory serves me correctly, I wiped everything down with distilled water and for the top part also placed a shot gloss in it.

  10. DO NOT wipe your humidor down with distilled water, very very bad. You can damage the cedar. Put a shot glass of distilled water in it and wait 2 to 4 days depending on the size of the humidor.

  11. Justin,

    If it is a quality humidor it won’t matter.

    I’ve used water stain on Cedar and Mahogony countless times (spraying 3 coates of a water and dye mixture on the wood) and have never had an issue.

    Also, cabinet makes have a trick for getting out dents in furniture, it involves a wet rag and a hot iron. If that doesn’t warp the wood a little surface water certainly wont 😉

    Now if you have a low quality humidor, thats another story all together.

    If you have concerns about wiping down your humidor then don’t. Rather safe than sorry.
    As far as my experience with building furniture and working with wood, I don’t have a problem with it and never will. But thats just me.

  12. I wiped down my current humidor with a damp rag and there was no adverse affect. My previous humidor however was a much cheaper one and the interior started to “peel”. If I am not mistaken the cheaper humidors use cedar laminate on the interior which will peel whereas the higher quality boxes use actual cedar boards. I could be wrong but that is how it looks to me.

  13. Hey nice looking humidor i gotta ask a question about the flanges that make up the seal on the inside lid of most desk top humi’s are teh ysupposed to give a lil ive had mine for 2 years and it seems they are a lil loose now ,it still seals with that ” swoosh ” sound and ive no problems with it loosing humidity , just wondering if it is not uncommon for them to loosen a lil over time ?

  14. Im not gonna lie Jerry, i expected a little better cigar selection from the website host. Of course I cant see all the cigars. As far as those Cubans, they are finished. oh and once you have the Montecristo #2 or #4(cuban).. you will be laughing at the Montecristo White.

  15. In Jerry’s defense, those pictures of his cigars are some 22 months old. I’m sure most of them have been smoked. From what I hear, Jerry has recently become a follower of Cubans after a recent trip to Cancun and brought back a nice supply…I think if Jerry provided some updated pictures, we will see how his tastes have changed over the past 22 months.

  16. Cool humidor! In your video “winterize your humidor” you said you were looking for another humidor of that same model. A while back I saw a white one for sale on ebay for around $300 i think. That one is now sold, but you should keep checking ebay if any pop up!

    Hey Walt, you should show us one of your humidors!

  17. I have a question regarding the cigar brands in this stunning humidor.
    Does anyone know the the name of the cigar brands in top of humidor?
    I would especially like to know what the ones are on the top left (torpedo style) in wrappers – red banded.
    Also the same ones on the top right side corner wrapped?

    Many thanks

  18. Jake,

    I’m going to have to disagree with you. I’ll take a Montecristo White over a Cuban Montecristo #4 anytime. I just smoked a #4 and it was ok. Bit dry with heavy ceder and a mild earthiness which provided the dryness. I prefer the mild pepperiness of the Montecristo and all Don Pepin cigars over the Montecristo #4. However, that being said, my brother who enjoy milder cigars then myself found it to be a great cigar.


  19. Cheers walt! 😉
    … do you happen to know the name of the ones on the top right with red/gold bands? 2 the same 2nd & 3rd down, I think they have a cedar block inside case/wrapper?

  20. Clair,
    Those two are Punch Rare Corojo. I think only one of the sizes comes in a glass tube, so finding that specific size shouldn’t be too difficult.


  21. *Sigh* I am so jealous of you Jerry. Being a poor college student I have a small desktop humi that usually contains eight or ten cigars at a time. To have something like that would blow my mind.

  22. What a cool humidor ! I have a question regarding the humidor in general. I have a100 ct humidor that I started using these last several weeks and It seems to me that RH humidity in the bottom part of humidor always stays around 65 when RH humidity in the upper part of the humidor goes up around 70.Have you had a same problem with your humidor before? If so, how did you fix it ?This may not be a big issue,but it bothers me a lot.

  23. What a beautiful humidor. You got a great deal on it for a 300 ct. humidor! Glad to see it stocked. I’ve got a Romeo y Julieta Travel Humidor, and love it.

  24. Hi Guys
    nice humidor
    I m trying hard to find one. Do you know where I could get one ?
    Anyone has one for sale ?
    Thx !!!

  25. Hi Jerry;
    Fantastic humidor, along with collection of cigars.
    Do you know if the humidor was given a name by Romeo Y Julieta them selves?
    I have been searching the internet for and I am unable to find one. Do you know where one might be able to purchase such a humidor?

    Fellow Aficionado;



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