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Famous – Nicaraguan 3000

Length: 5.00
Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: Full

Last night I went out to dinner with my girlfriend, and a couple that my girlfriend is very close with. When I got home I just felt like a beer and a good cigar, so that’s just what I did. I poured myself a cold glass of Yuengling and started to dig through my overfilled cooler of cigars. I pulled out a Famous Nicaraguan 3000 Robusto. This was a cigar I received in a trade. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this stick so I decided to give it a shot.

This cigar is a house brand from Famous Smoke Shop here in PA. It is packaged in bundles of twenty without bands. To be completely honest, when you look at this cigar and you know what they cost, it is really easy to be skeptical. After reading reviews done by respectable people in the little corner of the cigar community I am a part of, I was looking forward to giving it a try.

I went with my v-cutter on this one. The cap cut very clean with no effort. I pulled out my torch lighter and got to down to business. The cigar lit very easily and was producing lots of flavorful smoke. I took a quick couple of puffs and sat down the cigar in the ashtray.

I racked a game of pool and continued with my cigar. The flavor was extremely consistent. There was some spice, a little pepper, and earthy tones throughout the entire stick. I got so wrapped up in this cigar that I totally lost track of my game of pool.

After about an hour and a half I was forced to put down the cigar and call it a night. This was the first cigar I’ve had the opportunity to smoke that when I was finished I wanted to light up another one right then and there.

To wrap up this review, I think this cigar is amazing for the price. I was so impressed by this stick I ordered a bundle this morning. Famous didn’t have the Robusto size in stock so I went with the torpedo. At 39.95 a bundle and free shipping for the time being, I don’t see any reason not to order a bundle of these to try. If you are a full bodied cigar smoker these sticks will not disappoint you.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 87.5/100

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18 thoughts on “Famous – Nicaraguan 3000

  1. I just ordered a bundle of the Robusto Grandes myself
    and have heard that these may very well be some of the leftovers from the Oliva Series
    X cigars. They are exactly the same sizes and shapes and came from Nicaragua. I don’t know if you are aware that they were not supposed to be on the market [at least as the Series X’s] due to Opus X’s litigation
    against oliva. If these are the ones, then they are indeed a high quality cigar and
    fairly full bodied with the tastes that you discribed. I’m hoping they are since I still have a couple of the old x’s resting in my
    humi. Feel free to respond, am curious if
    you concur with my conjecture. Irvin

  2. Irvin,

    That is a very interesting point that I was not aware of. I could definately see this as a possibility because a few months ago when the supplies of the Nicarguan 3000’s were exhausted Famous stated that these would no longer be produced and they were a one time only cigar.

    From what I have read, Famous claims that these cigars are the exact same blend as the last batch and alot of strings needed to be pulled in order to get ahold of them. I have also heard that some of the shapes were a mistake, the robusto grande being one of them. So the idea of Famous selling off the remains of a cigar series that cannot be sold by the creator makes alot of sense.

    I think I am going to order a bundle at some point so I can compare the new blend with the old. Please post once you get a chance to smoke one as I would love to get your opinion on the new release.

    Thanks for the very interesting post.

  3. I will post after I get my Bundle which is supposed to be on Tuesday Sept. 26th.
    I will then be able to directly compare them
    to the X’s that have been resting in my Humi
    for over a year. I think I will be able to tell if they are indeed the X’s or not. It certainly would be interesting to see if this next batch matches up with the previous
    batch that you had reviewed. The X’s have that same rather ovalish box pressed like shape that I think these are supposed to have and this is a real rarity in the cigar world.
    Also, I had read a review by someone on this site also saying these were probably the X’s
    but now can’t seem to find that particular thread, curious? It would completely make sense that the site would probably not want to be associated with that particular thread.
    I think these cigars can be sold under a different
    name [legally though,] since it was just the association with “Opus X” that Fuente objected to, [but am not really completely sure about this]? I will let you know what my view of these is and do hope that this new batch is as good or better then the last batch which you had reviewed. Irvin

  4. Famous Nicaraguan 3000 Presidente Cigar Reviews

    Best smoke for the dollar I have smoked!!

    “I took a chance & bought a bundle,was extremely pleased with the appearance took the next step & lit it. “SPECTACULAR”

    This review was written by Kevin L. Waggoner of IL on September 24, 2006

    This is a current review I just read at Famous. Sounds like they are still good

  5. Interesting! I’m new to cigars and have never heard of these. Does the Stogie Review have any suggestion on online retailers to visit to purchase these? Basically looking for some reliable places outside of JR Cigars website which doesn’t have these listed.

  6. Ok! I recieved my bundle of the Robusto Grande and as I compare it to the Series X[of the same size]
    which is now over a year old, I see a cigar
    that has a similar length and a shape that is just slightly more rectangular [barely].
    Upon lighting the cigar the tastes are just as you discribed[and very good, I may add]
    This a very strong cigar with virtually no hasrshness and a million dollar taste. There is quality in every puff and I would guess that this new batch has pretty much the same quality which you discribed. Very balanced!
    I know that the X’s which I have are a bit more tame but this could easily be because
    they are aged and have mellowed.
    The construction of the 3000 started with a mild problem but worked itself out very quickly and the ash is a very nice healthy looking light grey.
    Taste wise, I think these are the same cigar.
    Shape wise, they differ ever so slightly, which could just be a part of this cigars evolution, [it’s only slight].
    I would say that both of these cigars are of a similar tobacco and of a very high quality.
    Probably the same cigar. They seem to be
    very related if not the same. Heck of a deal.
    Feel free to ask any questions.

  7. That is the price they go for all the time!
    I noticed they were advertised but these prices don’t seem to change

  8. Walt,your flavor profile of the Nicarauguan 3000 by Famous sounds like you are describing the Vegas de Tabacalera by Cuban Crafters.I got a box of robustos(5×52)for $49.99 on an email special.The filler is Habano 2000 with a criollo binder AND wrapper.Slightly tangy,slightly creamy with a woody,earthy base.Stronger than medium,but short of being full bodied.A rich,smooth,satisfying smoke.If you like Nicaraugan cigars be sure to give these a try.

  9. Walt,the full name of the cigar I referenced is:Vegas de Tabacalera Esteli by Cuban Crafters.Sorry for the oversight.Jim.

  10. Great review Walt. I will be picking up a bundle of these as soon as they are off of backorder. Who knows how long that will be.

  11. I have tried the nic 3Ks also, they were very good. famous smoke has been out of stock now for some time. my favorite cigar is the camacho corojo but they are very expensive for an everyday cigar. i would smoke the nic 3ks for an everyday cigar, i hope famous gets them back in stock.

  12. Thanks for another great review! I just ordered two bundles of the Famous Nicaraguan 3000 Toro. I’ve been enjoying these since April of ’08 or longer, but have no purchase history prior to then.

    I’d like to ask what other brands in this quality/price category you’d recommend if any?


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