Gurkha Expedition Series

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Gurkha Expedition Series

Origin: Navarette, Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size Name: Robusto
Length: 4.75
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium

About a week ago I got a craving for a nice mild cigar. After looking through my humidor the other day, I realized that I was completely out of mild cigars. I took a second look through my humidor and decided to go with a Gurkha – Expedition Series. Of all the cigars I had available I think this was the mildest.

This Cigar comes packaged in cellophane with a large cedar sheath covering most of the wrapper. In addition to the cedar sheath, there is a large band that only allows you to see the cap and a small portion above the band.

Once I got the sheath removed I noticed the very attractive light brown Connecticut wrapper. Upon inspection I noted that the cigar had a firm feel and a very light oily texture on the wrapper. The band was firmly stuck in place and the wrapper had slight veins throughout.

After looking over the cigar I pulled out my plug cutter and started the lighting process. The plug cutter produced a clean effortless cut. When lighting I had a quick easy light. The initial burn was even and produced a light resting smoke. The initial puff produced a lot of flavorful smoke. The flavor had a light woodsy taste while light on the pallet.

The first portion of this cigar continued to produce lots of flavorful smoke with a consistent base flavor. The finish was light and clean, not lingering on the pallet for too long but just long enough to let you know it was there. The burn was excellent and produced a firm light colored ash.

Later on during this cigar the flavor was still consistent. There were still light notes of a woodsy flavor paired up with a light and creamy finish. I was starting to get a faint spicy flavor way in the back of my throat. This slight addition to the already pleasant flavors seemed to only increase the enjoyment of this stick.

During the later stages of this cigar I could taste the flavor beginning to build. The body was increasing from a mild – medium cigar to more of a medium – full base. During the increase in body, the finish stayed the same light and creamy flavor that it started with.

The light spice I tasted earlier in the cigar had passed and I could taste a nutty flavor in its place. Paired with the more predominant woodsy flavor, this flavor combination was the most enjoyable for me.

Overall I think this was a good cigar that produced lots of flavorful smoke. This is a cigar you should put on your to try list if you haven’t had one already.

My rating sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 86/100

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2 thoughts on “Gurkha Expedition Series

  1. I smoked the torpedo last night and I agree with your assessment in nearly every way …except that during the last 1/3, the cigar seemed to be even smoother. I’ll definitely be adding more of these Gurkhas to my collection.

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