Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 1

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Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 1

Not all that long ago I received an email from a student requesting that I review some budget level cigars. With the holidays being right around the corner I thought this would be a great time to do some reviews on some of the less expensive sticks.

Before I get started I just wanted to point out that everyone has a different opinion on what a bargain cigar actually is. For the purpose of this mini series I am going to focus on cigars that will cost you $3.00 and under per single AFTER shipping. I think handling it this way will work out best for the varying opinions on bargain prices. So with that in mind, if you have a cigar that you would like to see reviewed in the bargain writeup shoot me an email.
For installment one of this mini series I am going to do I have the following two cigars:

First Cigar
American Stogies – Toro
Purchased From: Fullers Pullers
Box Price: $55.00 (per box of 25)
5 Pack Price: $16.00
Shipping: $5.95 Flat Rate

Box price after shipping: $2.44 per single
5 pack price after shipping: $4.37 per single

Second Cigar
La Vieja Habana – Cedar Chateau #2

Purchased From: Famous Smoke Shop
Box Price: $22.95 (per box of 20)
Shipping: $3.95 on orders under $40.00

Box price after shipping: $1.35 per single

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3 thoughts on “Bargain Cigar Breakdown – Installment 1

  1. Walt,

    You may also want to try La Unica maduro… it’s a premium first bundled cigar made my the Fuentes for JC Newman.

    One of my other favs is the Padron Londres maduros, they can be had for under $50 for a box of 25.

  2. Season’s greeting Walt,
    Thank you so much for doing this for us budget smokers. I really appreciate it, I know you have a ton of other smokes you’d probably enjoy more then these budget smokes. You guys review everything you get your hands on and that’s what I love most about this site. You don’t just cater to the aficionado, your site is really for all cigar smokers out there.

    PS, Walt I’m still working on that banner we were talking about, I was sick all of last week and didn’t get much accomplished. I’m doing a full set of graphics for you- banner, logo, handy misc graphics…

  3. Cigar family guy,

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    I picked up a couple Padron Londres a week or two ago and just ordered a 5 pack of Montesino No 2 Maduro (As you recommended in a previous article).

    I’m glad you enjoy the article and Thanks again for the graphics.

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