Perdomo Reserve Cameroon (Short Ashes)

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Perdomo Reserve Cameroon (Short Ashes)

As Jerry mentioned in his Partagas Black review, ive been under the weather as of late and have not been wel enough to enjoy a cigar in a bout a week. Fortunately I recorded a Short Ashes review last weekend before getting sick, just so that I would have something on the back burner in case something like this came up.

So while I recover, take a look at what I had to say about my revisit of the Perdomo Reserve Cameroon.

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4 thoughts on “Perdomo Reserve Cameroon (Short Ashes)

  1. yo walt, whats up man?

    i love these short ashes video 🙂 great job. im a big fan of Perdomo myself and this is a good cameroon cigar, to bad we wont see anymore of them. great short and very informative review!

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