Oliva Series G Maduro

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Oliva Series G Maduro

A couple of days before Christmas, I had the opportunity to sneak away for about an hour or so and try to enjoy some time to myself with a good cigar. The cigar that I decided to go with at that particular time was an Oliva Series “G”ย Maduro.

While at JM Cigars in Exton, PA I came across a box of these in a Torpedo Shape. The box was full of rich, dark, oily cigars and I couldn’t resist picking up a couple to sample. After seeing the box I also remembered Bob from DWSC talking about these sticks while vacationing in Ybor City. From what I remembered Bob saying, these were a good stick and well worth trying.

While inspecting this cigar I found the wrapper to be dark and oily with a rich aroma. When pinched the Series G felt firm and stuffed with tobacco. After looking over the cigar I reached for my Palio and clipped the tapered head of the stick. The result was a quick and clean cut which led to a fantastic pre light draw. With nothing left to do but start smoking, I began toasting and lighting the foot.

After a few short seconds I had the foot completely lit and producing thick clouds of smoke. The body was about Medium and the finish was smooth and creamy. The base flavor was that of a good Maduro leaving you with a bitter chocolate base with an enjoyable Nicaraguan spice. The mixture of Flavor and Finish made for a nice start to the evening.

As I smoked a little deeper into the first portion of the cigar I was really impressed. The initial Nicaraguan spice that was slightly edgy disappeared leaving you with a bitter chocolate base with mild tones of nuts and coffee. The finish only became creamier as I smoked, while the body stayed consistent in the Medium spectrum. The burn was very even with a firm light grey ash. The burn rate was a little fast but did not dampen the experience at all.

When I hit the half way point it was like someone flipped a switch. The cigar went from good to great. The smoke became ultra smooth on the palate and the bitter chocolate faded while the flavors of coffee and nuts picked up. While the cigar went through its transformation, the Nicaraguan style spice began to slowly come back into the picture.

The construction at this point was fantastic. The burn was very even, still producing a firm grey ash with a very attractive oily ring at the burn line. While sitting in the ashtray the cigar produced a light amount of resting smoke that was mild and aromatic. The burn rate was still a little fast but did not cause any problems that led to the cigar being high maintenance.

After about an hour and forty five minutes it was time to give my burning fingers a break and lay the cigar to rest. The finish stayed very smooth and creamy while the body built ever so slightly as the excess smoke collected throughout the cigar. The mild spice became a little heavier but mixed very well with the bitter chocolate, nuts, and coffee flavors.

Overall I think that this was a fantastic smoke. It is not very often that I smoke a single stick and set out to purchase a box, but that is exactly what I did. On Christmas Eve the auction I was bidding on closed and I was the winner of a beautiful box of Oliva Series G Belicosos.

The sticks come highly recommended and I strongly suggestion picking up a couple the next time you have the opportunity.

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20 thoughts on “Oliva Series G Maduro

  1. Walt –
    Great review. I went looking for one right after reading it, but unfortunately the B&M I went to didn’t have the Serie G, only the O. BTW, Oliva’s site says the Serie G has an African Cameroon wrapper.

  2. Great review Walt! I’m going to definately pick up some Serie G cigars. I’ve always thought they looked tasty. I love Bass ale myself- great beer, great cigar!
    -Eric D.

  3. George,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Sorry to hear the B&M did not have any, I really enjoy this cigar and am sure it will not disappoint.

    Also, there are two Oliva Series G. A natural and Maduro. The natural is the Cameroon, unfortunately my B&M only had the Maduro otherwise I would have picked up both vitolas.


    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sure you will find the cigar to be enjoyable. The combination of Bass Ale and the Series G was a very nice combination. Besides, its another excuse to pick up some Bass ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. This was the first of your reviews I watched and read. Went to the local tobacco store and they didn’t have any. They suggested another Maduro and threw in a couple of Flor de Oliva Maduros for coming in, nice guy runs the place.

    My suggestion for drinks to go with cigars would be rum. Good, no really good Caribbean Rum should complement well. Just a suggestion. Of course your suggestion of Bass can never fail.


  5. Hey Walt, wondering if you could help me out a little. I really like LGC Serie R maduro’s and the Sancho Panza Double Maduro’s, but am wondering if the Oliva Serie G would be a nice addition to my collection? Or, would it be too mild for me to enjoy? I noticed you bought a box after one cigar, I cant seem to find these locally.

  6. Jeremy,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    I have not had an LGC Series R Maduro yet, so I am not sure how the two compare. I think the body is along the same line as the Sancho Panza Double Maduro (However I have not had one in a few months, I am just going by memory here).

    Even if you prefer the fuller side of cigars, the Oliva Series G Maduro makes a great afternoon smoke.

    Also, http://www.Famous-smoke.com carries 5 packs for a fairly reasonable price (about the same as my local B&M)


  7. Thanks Walt, thats what I was thinking also. I appreciate the response, and I may just have to pull a trigger on a box of these as well. Also, I would love to see a review of the LGC serie R maduro in any size to see what you think of it. BTW the video reviews are outstanding and really help to illustrate the particular way a cigar will smoke, cut, last etc. Great site guys.

  8. I had a box pressed olivia G series maduro… is that the same cigar as the one you reviewed. Inany case I really enjoyed the one I smoked.
    thanks for a great source for cigar reviews.


  9. I was in search of a Oliva V because of its high rating in Aficionado. I was not able to so I picked up the G series. I too tasted the bitter flavor at first and it subsided. The bitter flavor eventually mellowed and the cigar settled into a good to almost great cigar. I got a almost 3 inch evenly burning ash, and actually had to dumped because I did not want to end up wearing. The cigar finished very smooth and mellowed out nicely. On fault is I smoke a smaller size Belicoso 5X52. I will defiantly smoke this cigar again. Thanks for your review as well

  10. Walt, I just had this the Oliva Belicoso 5X52. Do you know why they have two sizes. Cigar Aficionado said they are a 92 ranking. Is this the larger one (you were smoking) or both. The smaller one was very nice I was able to get them at my local cigar shop for $2.79 per smoke. I would give it a 88 with no aging. I think if I age it about 9 months it would be a 90. It was a little harsh at the start ,first inch. It then was hints of chocolate,coco, and a woody taste. The last inch was just a hint of green grass do to under aging. I bought 3 or them plus 2 Oliva serie V torpedo with is rated at a 94 rating they were 5.74 per cigar. I can’t wait to try the V serie. I was always told never get the flame close to the cigar just light it with the heat from the cigar lighter. then it will hold the wrapper together at the end. I’m so glad I happened on to your website. I will visit it offen. I built a walk in humidor in my house a few years back and now need a winning lottory ticket to fill it. I know Oliva will have a large area in my humidor. Thank you again. Marc

  11. Marc,
    Oliva makes two cigars which are similar in size and shape. One is the Belicoso (5.00 x 52) and the other is the Torpedo (6.00 x 52). They are both box pressed and look very similar.

    I am unsure of which size was ranked a 92 (I thought it was the Cameroon and not the Maduro but I could be wrong) as I don’t follow Cigar Afficianado (Too many magazines, too little time).

    If you paid $2.79 you either got a great deal on the Belicoso or you picked up the Special G (Perfecto that resembles the Fuente Short Story). All of the G Maduros that I have had to date have been enjoyable so in either case I think you made a nice purchase.

    Sounds like you also made a nice pickup on the Serie V. I’ve been buying the Lancero and Double Robusto and both are right around the $5.74 you paid per single.

    I envy you in regards to the walk in. I have plans to build one of my own but they keep getting pushed back due to more “important” things coming up, or at least my wife says. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you ever get the chance to snap a few pictures of the walk in I’m sure the readers here would love to check it out.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

  12. Just smoked one of these tonight. It was excellent (my my standards)!! Though my palette is still learning, I noticed things similar to the review. I noticed the spice in the 2nd third, and how incredibly smooth the finish was. What a wonderful smoke this was for me!

  13. Just picked up 5 @ Famous…splendid. Looking forward to letting the others age a bit and see how they go. I’ve been a big fan of milder maduros like Macanudo, and this baby was awesome!

    On a side-note, I love drinking a good cup of coffee with my maduros…it seems to compliment it very well and won’t mask any of the subtle notes of a great stogie ๐Ÿ˜‰ Give it a try… so far my fav is McD’s coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know, I’m a cheap date ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I tried this one tonight, bought as part of an Oliva sample from Texcigar in Vegas. I’m usually smoking cubans I buy on vacations on the nice Cuban beaches (Monte #2, #4, Partags Serie P #2, Trinidad robustos, Hoyo Epicure #2, Robainas, Bolivar and the exceptional Cohiba Maduro 5 anos).

    I must say I was really really impressed with this stick, close to the Padron 1964, similar to the Partagas Serie 2 and superior to many Cubans construction/price/flavor-wise. I did enjoy it to the last inch and given its price tag, I will certainly buy a box when I go back to the States. Full and smooth at the same time, chocolate, coffee (Latte) spices (nutmeg?). Yummy! I’m eager to try the serie V!

    Montreal, Canada

  15. Although I am just a novice in the cigar world, I would rate this cigar as one of my favorites to date. I bought this at my local Smoker Friendly smoke shop and am in love with this cigar. I almost cried when I first released it from its cellophane prison, the smell…….oh my, absolutely wonderful. The smoke was even better. I have had the recent opportunity to enjoy a couple Cuban cigars (Romeo y Julieta, and a Cohiba) and I have to say that I prefer this smoke over all, and at $4.89 a stick, marvelous. The review of this cigar is spot on. I also wish I would have read this review before I bought a single cigar, I would’ve bought a box if I had. Thank goodness they are just down the street. A++

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