601 Connecticut

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601 Connecticut

601 Connecticut - Size

Welcome back for yet another Monday Review to kick off the work week. Today I have the 601 Connecticut by EO Brands. This particular vitola is of the Robusto variety and stacks up at 5 inches long with a 50 ring gauge. The filler and binder are made up of Nicaraguan tobacco while the cigar is created in the El Rey de Los Habanos Factory.

601 Connecticut - First Third

During my pre light inspection I found the stick to have a firm feel overall with a rough texture. The wrapper had several fairly heavy veins running throughout. This is a trait I find very common with Connecticut wrappers and did not attribute it to a low quality wrapper. After a quick inspection I pulled my cutter from its sleeve and snipped the cap from my 601 Connecticut Robusto.

After clipping my cigar I found the pre light draw to be very free with little to no resistance. This was a little concerning, but I began to toast and light my cigar anyway. After a quick toast and light the cigar produced thick clouds of thick flavorful smoke. The initial flavor was mostly a heavy spice with a crisp and clean finish.

601 Connecticut - Second Third

Once the cigar got underway, the heavy spice began to mellow a little and a cedar base flavor began to take over as the dominant flavor. The body was in the Medium to Full range and the finish was short as well as crisp and clean. While resting in the ashtray my 601 produced a small amount of resting smoke that had an attractive mild aroma. The burn at this point was slow and even.

601 Connecticut - Final Third

The second third of this stick did not have much in terms of change. The base flavor remained a Cedar flavor while I began to taste a sort of sweet and fruity flavor. The spiciness of the cigar seemed to sort of pulsate while smoking. Every couple of puffs it would build then sink back down. The burn was still slow and even while the draw remained too free. At this point I was now noticing that my cigar was easily becoming overheated. This forced me to start smoking a little slower than normal to keep the flavors of the cigar crisp and clean.

601 Connecticut - Wrap Up

After a short while, I reached the final third of my cigar. This portion was very much like the others. The base flavor remained that of Cedar but the Fruity flavor was now replaced by a sort of Buttery flavor. The finish remained short, crisp, and clean while the body slowly built its way up into the Full spectrum. The ash throughout the cigar was firm as well as light in color. The burn rate was slow and even which made for a nice smoke all around.

Overall I think that this was an enjoyable cigar. The price point of $7.00 is a little higher than I generally like to spend, but this cigar never left me feeling cheated for spending more than I normally would. If you have the extra couple of bucks in your pocket and come across one of these in your travels, I would suggest giving one a shot.

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8 thoughts on “601 Connecticut

  1. these sound awesome. i’ve got another stick to put on tomorrow’s shopping list. BTW, i’m officially addicted to the Oliva Series G Maduro. WOW, one smooth smoke. this 601 sounds like it may have the same effect. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great review Walt! I’ll have to see if I can pick one of these up. I picked up a Blue label Pepin. Definately a unique smoke, its got its own thing going. I drink Earl Grey tea too with a cigar from time to time- good choice! Take care…
    Eric D.

  3. Great review!!! will definately be tryin to get my hands on one of these. do you no if these are available in england??

  4. these 601s are a great mid-day smoke. i am a fan of them. just a note on construction. does anyone else notice that the connecticut wrapper on these guys are a little delicate? i have had a couple start to do some splittage on the ends and a couple mild tears on the body. otherwise they are a good smoke. i think they did right when they designed their label as well (that matters, come on).

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