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Site Construction

UPDATE: Well I was able to work some magic and change some code in the old theme and brought it back to life. Thanks for everyone’s comments and their e-mails.

Well…as you guys can see we have a new layout and theme for the site. For whatever reason when I woke up and checked the site this morning, our old theme stopped working.

Anyway, bear with us as we get this re-organized. Also, weigh in on what you think of this theme or if you liked the old one. Thanks everyone!

Long ashes!


6 thoughts on “Site Construction

  1. I definitely like the old banner at the top better with the stogie review graphic. We need that back for sure!

  2. I like this new theme, but the old one was definately better. I agree with kqueen about the old banner!

  3. heh, I missed the appearance of the “new” look but the site looks as good as it always did right now.


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