CI Legends (Green Label)

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CI Legends (Green Label)

Hopefully no one is suffering from “Jerry overload”. Walt is busy becoming a home owner this week (welcome to the mortgage club) and Brian is working his butt off to get a promotion at work so that leaves me all by myself. Don’t worry though, for all you Walt & Brian fans, they will be back next week.

You know, Kermit the Frog always says “its not easy being green” and thats what I took away from the Green Label of the CI Legends series. The Green Label is produced by Puros Indios and for the most part I found the Green Label to be enjoyable just not memorable. The consistency from cigar to cigar (I’ve smoked around 15 of these) is just disappointing and sad. Sometimes you get a really great one, sometimes a not so great one and there were a couple that were just down right impossible for me to finish. While this could be said for any cigar it just seemed more noticeable in the Green Label.

Flavor wise you have a great toasty woodsy flavor to go along with a mild natural tobacco taste. The depth of these flavors were dependent on what I wrote in the previous paragraph. Be prepared for a extremely easy draw, lots of smoke and loose ash. I’m really curious if this is something you find in the other cigars in the CI Legends series. To Puros Indios’s credit, I imagine it has to be difficult to manufacturer a cigar for just one retailer and have that cigar be consistent.

Video runs almost 14 minutes and I need your help again. I need recommendations for a new lighter. This Colibri triple flame that I use is pissing me off and its about to go flying out my window. All suggestions are appreciated!

Episode 11 of Your Questions, My Answers will be available this weekend and if you own a video iPod you will start to see our video reviews being posted on iTunes. Just search for “Stogie Review” and subscribe. Our new Pro Account with automatically converts our videos and adds them to iTunes saving me the trouble.

Sorry for the long winded post (I normally don’t type this much), enjoy the video and have a smoke filled weekend!


30 thoughts on “CI Legends (Green Label)

  1. JERRY!

    Cat got your tongue! LOL Nice review man… kind of inline with my thoughts about Puros Indios cigars in general… I find them rather inconsistent.

    Here is the Iroda torch I have…

    I’m not sure what they go for in the US but I paid about $6 on sale… It’s been great so far.

    I also have a Zippo with the Zplus butane insert… it works well but the tank is just way too small… needs to be filled far too often.

    Personally, if I were to spend more than $15-20, I would either buy the Xikar butane or the new ZippoBlu that’s coming out in August, reason being they both have a lifetime warrantee. I find that lighters tend to break in time so if I can replace it for free it saves me some coin. Neither of those two are triple flame though.

    Do me one favor, I would love to see you review the Oliva Serie O. I tried one of these yesterday and was super impressed… I couldn’t believe I waited so long to try an Oliva. Would love to see your thoughts on these cigars.

    I finally listened to an episode of Cigar Dave… the guy stole your “long ashes” line!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hey Jerry,

    I think you should look into the lighters that Xikar makes. Lifetime warranty on them just like the cutters.

    I also have a few creme brulee torches that I use..I have 4 big ones and a smaller pocket sized version that I carry with me.

    The best thing about the brulee torches is how much fuel capacity they have.

    Drop me a line if you have any ?

  3. Carlos,

    What’s great about the Creme Brulee torches is you can whip one up fast if you’re on a date with a hot chick and need desert! LOL

  4. I’ve thrown away three Colibris, and now my Blazer is giving me problems as well. I’m experimenting with a new lighter that I found in the supermarket next to the Weekly World News and a rack of batteries — it’s called a Bic. It’s weak and it’s boring and I’m afraid to say this, but it’s also pink. But damn if it doesn’t work every time. I think I’m in love.

  5. I have a cheapo triple torch that I bought for 7 bucks about a year ago, the thing is you have to use really good butane. I use Vector, it’s cold filtered 4 TIMES! It’s really good stuff, I think Colibri is filtered 3 times….

  6. Jerry – I highly recommend the Ronson we mentioned on Stogie Guys site a few months back. It’s about $3 at Wal-Mart. Look for it at the tobacco counter. Mine’s been working fine for close to a year on cheap Ronson fuel. You can’t beat it.

  7. Jerry, I almost spit out my drink when you said “My torpedo-shaped head”. Too funny man, glad I’m not the only guy who thought that about you — you’re perfect for cigar smoking cause your head fits the bill!

  8. Funny review Jerry. I think its great when you fumble all over your words and see you get frustrated by it. It hilarious from my view point.

    I picked up a $6 triple flame from my local JR’s and it works like a champ. It even lights up when you use it.

    I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Colibri lighters in general. I take it you’ve tried the using compressed air to clean it out and tried releasing all the butane?

  9. Serious as a heart attack. I think the motto for Ronson butane is, “Cheap as dirt and works fine in lighters that are just as cheap.” As I said, I have had this lighter for almost a year and use Ronson fuel all the time. I have never had a clog, never had it fail to light (though it does often take several clicks of the plunger) and it holds a fair amount of fuel. On the other hand, I’ve had several much more expensive lighters that gave up the ghost in weeks or months, even when filled only with ultra-refined butane.

  10. No “Jerry Overload” here bro – love your reviews.

    Get yourself a Solo lighter from Mark. Mine has been very dependable. It’s also thin & light weight so my pocket doesn’t feel like I’m carrying around 100 lbs.

  11. Hey there, love the site, and the review. I got a box of the green label, and I thought they were good, the draw was really open. I found that they were really flavorful, but with a couple of 5-packs that I tried they were really inconsistent and different from the box. They sort of tasted stale if I can say that. I enjoyed the box, but not the five packs as they were completely different in flavor, same easy draw.

    I think that the rest of the legends are really good, specifically the yellow Pepin Garcia, copper Drew Estates, and the Orange Rocky Patel. I have found construction problems with each of the Purple Grey Cliff cigars that I have tried. The others are good, but I found the draw to be tight on the Blue, and Red labels.

    For the money they are a really good smoke!

  12. Jerry, I totally agree with on the Green Label. I’ve smoked 2 so far and they were different each time. Not quite up to the level of quality you’d expect from Puros Indios. Try the La Aurora Black Label. I think that would be more up your alley.

  13. Jerry I’ve tried a lot from the CI Legends series except the Green. If I know your tastes well you will like the series by Pepin.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that its difficult to consistently create a cigar thats just available from one retailer at such an affordable price. Something has to suffer and it has to be consistency.

    Great review…great insight.

  14. Torpedo-shaped head! LOL! I think you should go with “Performance-Optimized Cranium” instead.

    A guy at one of my local B&M’s told me that the El Cheapo fuel I use in my single-flame butane torch will eventually clog it up. I thought the ol’ fella was just trying to sell a dumb kid expensive fuel, but maybe there’s something to that aside from a hefty mark-up… Especially if your lighter has been going noticeably downhill as you’ve been using it. Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to unclog a lighter. Fortunately I use an El Cheapo lighter, so I think I’m golden.

    I love that song, good choice! I may listen to the review just to hear it again…

  15. Jerry, check out the Xicar EX windproof lighter. I just bought one from my B&M for $50 and it works great.

    It has a life time warranty too.

  16. It’s all about the fuel, look at what Cigarmony had to say about VECTOR butane –

    The #1 cause of sputtering, clogging & non igniting lighters is from using “dirty” fuel!

    Vector’s quintuple refined fuel is the cleanest fuel available on the market.
    The quintuple refined fuel has virtually no impurities and will also help clear the jets on lighters which have been clogged by inferior fuel.

  17. Yup I’m actually in the process of editing/encoding as we speak. Should be up by 3am ET for everyone’s enjoyment while they lounge away on their patio for a Sunday smoke.

  18. Great review Jerry and I hope you’ll review all of the CI Legend cigars. I liked the Orange by Rocky Patel but thought it had a lot of short filler and it kept coming out into my mouth but other then that, it was a good cigar. Of course, I’d rather smoke an Edge, Vintage or Nording but who wouldn’t heh.


  19. Dave – I actually placed an order over the weekend for a few five packs of the Orange (Rocky Patel), Yellow (Pepin) and the Black (La Aurora) so I’m excited to receive and start the review process on those.

  20. Jerry rumor has it that you purchased a new lighter? Care to share with the rest of us what you ended up buying?

  21. I have to agree about the Ronson. Works everytime! I have two, one in my car and one at home they are my back up just in case my Xtend lighter ever fails (which it shouldn’t given the $100 plus price tag! My wife flipped when I bought it! Hehehehe.) What can I say the Xtend looks cool, and yes you’re paying for the St. Dupont name.

  22. I just finished smoking one of these Green Labels and it was as you said, an “okay” cigar…nothing special or memorable.

    Enjoyed the video!

  23. Having worked in a store that sold cigars and lighters when torch lighters were first introduced, I have never bought one. I dealt with countless angry customers who really wanted to share their rage with me. I’ve had a Prince lighter for 3 yrs now (Dolphin model) with a conventional flame and its never let me down. I also have a Colibri pipe lighter that i’ve been using for maybe 6 years or more- it’s great for pipes and cigars although the tank is rather small. Care must be taken when changing the flints- that spring is tricky and can be easily wrecked. Still I love both these lighters- old school tech is sometimes not be beat. We are talking butane here, BTW

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