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Logo Contest

The majority of you out there in Stogie Review land like the new layout and design of the website. The only criticism we’ve received is the lack of a logo for the site. So here is the deal (my apologies to Walt for not clearing this with him but this is what happens when I make an Executive decision lol)…if you or if you know someone who is handy with Photoshop then this contest is for you.

I’d like to have the new logo in place by July 1st. So the plan is to accept potential logos for the next two weeks (June 24th is the cut off). We will then post all the logo entrys we’ve received and allow you, the viewers, to vote for the best one. The winner not only gets his or her logo on our site but also wins a box of my favorite cigars, the Tatuaje Series P (P1).

Dimensions of the logo should be around 950×250, must match our current color scheme and you can e-mail it to Walt or I. Also keep in mind, that the winning entry becomes the property of The Stogie Review but we’ll be sure to give you credit.


5 thoughts on “Logo Contest

  1. Hey, Jerry, so you just want a logo, or do want a logo
    and some other things to fill in that top space?

    Also can we use different programs?
    I have this program thats like photo shop.
    its called Gimp.

  2. Lou dog – A logo would be the best bet and feel free any program that you think will do the job for you. I just need the finish product in a useable web format.

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