Puros Indios Viejo #4

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Puros Indios Viejo #4

Puros Indios Viejo

I’m baaaaaack! Miss me? Seems like forever I know. I’m back with a review of Puros Indios Viejo newly known as the Reyes Family Vintage.

Cigar Nutrition
Length: 5.5″
Ring Gauge: 45
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Brazil, Dominican, Nicarguan
Price: $50 (15)

I’m not too experienced with the offerings of Puros Indios/Reyes Family. In fact the only other cigar that I can remember reviewing is the Green Label from the CI Legends Series and if you remember, I thought it was pretty bland. So how does the Puros Indios Viejo stack up? Check out the video, 13:48 and leave some comment love on what you think of the Viejo/Vintage:

My Take
Liked It: A WOW Cigar
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: Most Definitely

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22 thoughts on “Puros Indios Viejo #4

  1. Thanks for the great review, Jerry.

    The Viejo has been re-packaged and is now called the Reyes Family “Vintage”. Same box type, box count and blend, just dressed a little more for success.

  2. I’ve gone through a box of them. While I enjoyed the flavours, EACH and every cigar had split at the head after I cut it. Palio, v-cut, punch – doesn’t matter. Some had cracks even before I took them out of the cello. May be it was a bad box but I would not spend money to experiment again.

  3. Had to let you guys know. These are on INSANE sale at CI. Not in boxes but in bundles of 20 now. No #4.
    I may grab a bundle even with construction problems I’ve had.

  4. I just picked up a pack of 20 Toro’s on Cbid for 28 bucks. If these are half the smoke you say they are I am going to have to really stalk up on them……..A WOW cigar for 1.40 a piece!!

  5. These are on sale for $20/box of 20 at CigarsInternational. Glad to see the review as I didn’t know what to expect. Went ahead and bought 20.

  6. got my bundelled pack of puro indios viejo today was waiting exited do to reveiws but was very dissapointed ten cigars were intact and they were very dry tried one anyway cigar international said they would send new pack asap i hope they live up to the reviews i have had great service and cigars from ci but these were complete duds i hope your reviewsaregood i hate wasting any money twenty bucks or not

  7. I dunno fellas, I have had a bunch of these in the humi for over a year now and they still aren’t impressing me. At a buck a piece its hard to be too critical but I would still only give these a decent yard gar rating. If you are looking for a great cheap smoke then I would highly suggest the Gran Habano Vintage 2002. They are much better constructed and pack a whole lot more flavor. Those are being sold for 2 bucks a stick which is really a steal.

  8. I gotta agree with Darren above. These did not do it for me. I’ve got some left sitting in my humidor in case I get desperate, but there are other cheap cigars I would take over the Puros Indios. Seems like I remember Puros Indios being pretty good during the days of the cigar boom? Do others also find that this brand has gone down a peg or two?

    1. You have to keep in mind that these are the ’99 edition, as noted on the band. I liked those, but have found the version(s) for sale in more recent years (’01?) just aren’t nearly as good.

      1. Brian,
        I received a five pack of the ’99s from cbid a little over a week ago, and it looks like someone had a storage problem with these. A lot of cracking, shriveling, and discoloration that would seem to indicate that they were dried out and rehydrated. Tried one of the better looking ones today, and it had hardly any flavor until the final third. Very atypical of Reyes products I’ve had in the past, although it did burn just fine.

  9. Brian,
    Excellent review! Just got a bundle of these in the mail today. Just got home from work and the postman was at the door with the package. I waisted no time, had one out and burning before i even got the rest of them to the humidor. I totally agree with your review “WOW” I hate to use the phrase “good cigar for the price” but this one is a no brainer. I paid about $1.50 a cigar @ CI and knowing the quality of this cigar, i would have paid a lot more. I don’t get the Coffee taste your getting but i did get a nice peppery taste about an inch into it that continued throughout the whole cigar. Almost had to break out the roach clip at the end. Again, Great review and great cigar. I will definitely be checking back for more reviews.

  10. You guys ACTUALLY like these crapsticks? Omg I am shocked. “Decent yard gar for the price is one thing. But WOWed? Ugh. They burned horribly and tasted blah. I’d rather smoke a Quorum.

    1. Keep in mind this review is nearly 10 years old at this point. Jerry was wowed by them back then, but I highly doubt anything you find in the catalogs with the Puros Indios name now bears any resemblance the cigar we were smoking a decade ago.

  11. So the Puros Indios Viejo #4 that are being sold now (well, the ones I had were from about 3 years ago) are a completely different stick than they were back then? I haven’t ever seen that, with the exception of the Amazon Basin and the new “bold” Camachos that have been re-blended and subsequently ruined, like the Camacho Corojo. Interesting.

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