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Missed Review

Well guys, I missed my Friday review. I thought my wife was going into early labor (6 weeks to go) but it turned out to be a case of Braxton Hicks. Still went to the hospital and still had to play the waiting game just to be told to go home.

My apologies for missing the review but all you fathers (and I’m sure we have some mothers, maybe?), can understand.

Look forward to Episode 12 of Your Questions, My Answers this weekend with me, Walt, Brian and Justin. We have some great questions lined and everyone gets to see my new studio. Thanks everyone!


4 thoughts on “Missed Review

  1. Braxton Hicks?

    If that’s anything like Taylor Hicks, the American Idol guy, it’s gotta be painful.

    Just kidding…. good luck Jerry!

  2. I’m speachless….i always cigars > everything else…My world has been turned upsidedown…haha. I’m looking forward to episode 12

  3. I’ll get you Braxton Hicks, if it’s the last think I ever doooo… (You always have to trail off when making a statement like that.)

    Wow, that is really is a cool, new and completely random bit of information! I’m going to try to use it in a sentence today. Something like, “Hmm, that sounds like a case of verbal Braxton Hicks to me.” I wonder if I’ll get slapped. I kind of hope so. 🙂

    Looking forward to the next episode with bated breathe. Or smoker’s cough. I’m not sure which it is. 😉

  4. D’oh! It your comment machine stripped off my pseudo-HTML! That first sentence was supposed to be bracketed by “Shaking Fist”. *Sigh*

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