Troya X-TRA No 54

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Troya X-TRA No 54

Filling in for Walt while he waits for his new video card.
Today I smoked the Troya X-TRA No. 54. This cigar measured 48 X 5.75. The wrapper was a 1999 Corojo , the binder and filler were both Nicaraguan. The cigar is rated as a medium. I decided to use my punch cutter on this cigar instead of my normal guillotine cut. I did not pick up any initial flavors from the wrapper or foot of the cigar before I lit it up. After I started to smoke it, I noticed a touch of cocoa and coffee flavors. It was a very pleasant flavor. The cigar produced a lot of smoke. The ash on the cigar was firm and started out as a dark gray color.

The flavor of the cigar did remain consistent and smooth. The burn was fairly even with a only a few minor issues, but nothing that concerned me. The cigar did not get very hot. A nice touch on this cigar was the band. Instead of using glue as most companies do, they used a sticker. This allowed for the easy removal of the band at anytime.
With a smoking time of 70 minutes, this was a great cigar. The flavor was consistent and smooth and well balanced. I was able to smoke the cigar to the very end. I agree that this is a medium cigar and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a cigar with a consistent flavor.

Smoking Time: 70 minutes
Humidor Time: 16 days
Cut Type: Punch
Light Type: Single Flame Torch
Beverage: Water/Louis Bouron Cognac

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19 thoughts on “Troya X-TRA No 54

  1. The Illinois tobacco tax is 13%, but there is sales tax of about 8.5% added on top of that = 21.5% total.

    I haven’t seen the Troya here in Chicago, but if I ever find one, I’ll have to try it.

    Nice review, Justin. Thanks.

  2. I mostly go to UpDown, because they are open late:

    Very nice shop, but small selection compared to Iwan Ries:
    Iwan Ries is on Wabash, downtown. Really nice place, with a little smoking/reading/TV lounge in there.

    Another little secret is Binney’s Beverage Depot:
    They are a liquor store chain, but boy, do they have nice humidors! Here’s the big secret about Binney’s:(shhh, don’t tell anybody)…they don’t charge the 13% tobacco tax at the register. Their prices are usually no higher than what you find at regular tobacco shops. I really like the one on the North Side, at 3000 N. Clark St., because of their walk-in humidor, and their later hours.

    I don’t get out to the suburbs much, but if I’m in Geneva or Naperville, I will try and get to those shops you mentioned.

    Thanks for the list.

  3. Great review, Justin. I’d say this is your best one yet, but that’s my opinion, you seem a lot more relaxed and comfortable. Also looked like a great smoke.


  4. BadMormon: I used to go to Binnys alot. They do have a decent selection for a liquor store and a HUGE selection of liquor. I have been to UpDown once, nice little shop. Never made it to Iwan Ries.

    Daniel and Tom: Thanks I appreciate it. I thought that one did not go so well.

    One thing that I have noticed is people will mark the review as low, but not leave any comments as to why. I wish they would say what they did not like about it.

  5. Eh I think they are just being haters maybe because you are “The new Guy.” I wouldn’t worry, the reviews have been getting better each time.

  6. one thing i noticed is that you tend to be a little long winded for the intro. i like the reviews that go from the intro to about 1/2” to 3/4” into a cigar, kinda like jerry does. for me, the pre-light stuff and info can be talked about during the smoke rather than shown. also, it will give you time to form your thoughts on the taste so you dont have to think and pick them up on the spot.

    every review you do gets better! i look forward to your future videos.

  7. I agree with you James, but Justin is getting better. I felt as though I watched him smoke the entire cigar in his first video, it was like 22 mins?

    it can get a lil boring just watching the presenter puff and search for words.

    I guess for me, personally, I looking for commentary more so then to watch the act of cigar smoking.

    Maybe I’m just too used to Jerry and Walt’s style?

  8. Very good review, Justin.

    Thanks for contrasting the taste with the water vs the cognac. I’ve often wonder about the differences I might be experiencing because of the drink that I choose to have with my cigar.

    The Troya sounds good. Although I’ve not seen it at my local B&M, I’m certainly going to keep an eye out so that I can give it a try.

  9. Awesome review Justin! I think you’re starting to find your comfort zone!

    I’ve never seen these at any of my B&Ms but I’ve also never heard of them either so I could’ve been missing them this whole time.

  10. Good review!! Did you get any boogs on the foot of your cigar?? The video makes it look like you poked your brain pan!!

  11. okay, I hate to be a hater, but i just can’t stand watching you puff on your cigar. I don’t really know what it is about how you do it, but it’s really weird. Also, the way you cruch up your brow while talking is kind of odd too. sorry, i know your not getting paid, but i hate not being able to watch review on my favorite site.

  12. Justin, I have just started visiting this website. I think you do a very good job. I like how you describe the cigar and some about the company including other cigar types. I think that is interesting filler for the video. It was cool on the H Upman review to describe the company history. Keep those things up. Some people may think it’s broring but being new to the hobby I enjoy those tid bits. Look forward to your next review!!

  13. I think the review was excellent, VERY informative. Thanks for showing the punch, I am new to cigars though an old geezer. That showed me why I occasionally mangle my cigar. And thanks for the cognac info. Currently I enjoy a cigar with coffee in the morning, a microbrew in the evening, with cold weather I will try the cognac. Any other drink suggestions are welcome.

  14. Gusto: Wecome to the site and the joys of cigar smoking. I hghly suggest that you check out our other reviews and our Your Questions, My Answers. They are very informative. Feel free to send us any questions that you might have vie our contact form.

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