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601 Maduro

601 Maduro - 1

Up for review this week is the 601 Maduro by EO Brands. Jerry was kind enough to send me three of these attractive cigars to sample. Jerry also provided Justin, Brian, Bob, and Dale cigars as well so that we could all smoke one together for the Current Episode of Dog Watch Cigar Radio. As always it was an absolute blast hanging out with the guys and talking cigars.

601 Maduro - 2

When you first handle this cigar it feels smooth and delicate, almost to the point where it feels fragile. After handling it for a few minutes you realize that it is densely packed with tobacco and is a high quality cigar.

After a quick toast and light this cigar begins to produce thick clouds of flavorful smoke. The base flavors consist of Bitter Chocolate and Mild Coffee flavors while the body starts off in the Medium to Full range. The finish is fairly short, only lasting for a minute or two before fading, while being smooth and crisp on the palate.

601 Maduro - 3

As I smoked deeper into the cigar I was pleased by the volume of smoke that it produced. The draw was free with little resistance which made smoking this stick a pleasure. The body slowly began to climb deeper into the Medium to Full range while the finish remained smooth on the palate. The base flavors remained the same with the exception of a mild spice entering the picture.

601 Maduro - 4

The final third of this cigar did not disappoint. The flavors seemed to get richer and develop more character with each puff. It got to the point where I did not want the cigar to end, but after 2 hours of smoking pleasure it was finally time to set the cigar down to rest.

Overall I think that this cigar was very enjoyable. The base flavors may seem a little boring to some, as they remain consistent throughout, but the character of those flavors make the 601 Maduro a pleasure to smoke.

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Dog Watch Cigar Radio

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20 thoughts on “601 Maduro

  1. first class as always walt! you sold me on this cigar, it’s on my shopping list now.

    btw, is it too late to enter the logo contest? just curious…

  2. hey, i was wondering what happened to the logo contest? i submitted a logo, and haven’t heard anything since. did you guys decide not to do it?

  3. Walt, if it weren’t for you, I would have never learned how to properly toast the foot of a cigar – so, for what its worth, I think you should continue the process in your reviews. Also, glad to have you back after missing your last review…I’m sorry, but its been too much Justin for my taste. Also, can’t wait for Jerry to return. How’s the SPEAKEASY SMOKEWORKS room coming along?

  4. Shane,
    I would think that the logo contest is closed for entries. Sorry

    The logo contest is going to happen. Jerry is our Back end guy for the site and he’s incredibly busy as of late. I spoke with him on Saturday Night and his #1 priority for Stogie Review is to get the Poll system setup so that we can give away the box of Tatuaje Series P

    Again, we apologize for the delay

    Unfortunately missing last weeks review was out of my control. My video card died on me and I was stuck waiting for a replacement before I could do any video editing.

    I haven’t even started on my lounge yet. I had some other things I needed to get done around the house. Probably within the next 3 weeks I plan on getting started. Turning an unfinished basement into a finished one is going to be more work than I anticipated, but the good thing is that it will turn out just the way I want it.

    Thanks for all the comments guys

  5. Great review, Walt.
    so whats going down with” Your Questions, Our Answers?”
    haha, well I’m guess sense you have, Justin on it takes more time to edit.

  6. Lou dog,
    I am currently editing it. The basic editing with 3 people is time consuming. I talked to a friend who is a professional video editor and he gave me some tips. So they should go quicker. I appreciate your understanding.

  7. No problem man.
    I’m glad to have you aboard the stogie review.
    It makes it more exciting to hear more opinions and just a lot more stogie talk, and thats whats its all about so its worth the wait.

  8. Thanks for another excellent review!

    Where do you get 601’s? I couldn’t find them on-line.

  9. Great job as always Walt. I developed a liking for the Perdomo Habano Maduro recently. About a week ago a forum buddy on CL sent me the 601 Maduro. It’s my favorite maduro now.

  10. i smoked one of these guys last night in the box pressed shape. it lit up like a champ and exploded with some bready flavors and some nice room aroma. just enough to let you knoe you are smoking one of the good guys. i have had five of these 6012 maduros and they do have burn problems towards the last three and a half inches. they require a re-light. but other than that, the flavors you get are well worth another trip to your torch. keep cutting their heads off and lighting their feets…

  11. Greets Walt, nice review as always. I was sitting here finishing up my review of the 601 Blue Robusto for CigarAdvisor when I strayed off-task and onto your review. Must say I had an independently identical analysis of the flavor profile, though in the second third the stogie seemed to trade choruses of Maduro sweetness and spice. Robusto burned a little hot for me in the final third, maybe I’ll give the torpedo a shot. -HLT

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