Happy 4th of July

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Happy 4th of July

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July from all of us at StogieReview.com. Your Questions, My Answers Episode 13 will be posted on Thursday. I apologize for the delay. I had some issues editing the episode, but thanks to a good friend, I have some advice on how to make it easier. Future episodes will be on time and posted every other Saturday. You still have time to get your questions in for episode 14 which we will be filming early next week.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy your holiday. Please post a comment and let us know what fine cigar you are enjoying today.

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28 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Cheers, Gentlman.

    I’m celebrating this evening with a Perdomo La Reserva Maduro Serie “V”.

    Happy 4th.


  2. Happy 4th back. I’m new here, I would like to compliment everyone on the quality of this cite.

  3. Happy Fourht to everyone. Tonight I am smoking a Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Robusto. I bought two of these seven or eight months ago and had one a few weeks after my purchase and let the other rest. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to enjoy and today seems as good as any. MDD.

  4. Shane,
    No, Jerry has just been very busy with everyday life. He and his wife are expecting a child in the upcoming weeks.

  5. Happy 4th everyone,
    I hope everyone had a great day. Please, for those of us that were in the service or had family and friends fighting overseas, lets keep all of them in our hearts and prayers. Today I’ve been enjoying the RP conneticut and the Padron 4000 that I won off of Cigarbid. Thanks for all of the reviews and hard work, considering everthing thats been going on in your lives (Jerry, Walt, & Brian) and can’t wait for Q & A #12. Justin, can’t wait to see your new editing techniques. Take care all.

  6. Walt thanks for the update on Jerry. I’m sure its a stressfull but exciting time for Jerry. Give him our best.

  7. Happy 4th a day late. I enjoyed a vegas cubana by don pepin. It’s a great cigar, hope you guys do a review on it.

  8. Happy 4th although I’m sending this on the 5th heh.

    I smoked a R&J Cedro Deluxe II in the afternoon and for the evening a Perdomo ESV Maduro and then smoked a Perdomo Reserve Champagne that was left over when my wife was done smoking. It was the “X’ size, 7” by 54 ring gauge and she’s done by about 3 inches into a cigar so left quite a bit for me, NICE!! Although, after the Maduro, didn’t quite appreciate all the Champagne had to offer.


  9. I had a Cuesta Rey Centenario Maduro Pyramid #9. I couldn’t taste or smell much, because of a stuffy head, but some of the flavor and aroma still came through.

  10. I had one of Jerry’s favorites, a Partagas Black Pyramid. Strong cigars are the only way to go on the 4th because it drowns out all the awful strawberry and tequila cigars people smoke while watching the fireworks

  11. btw, Justin from what i remember, i thought you were a video editing guy? I must of been mistaken then, I thought I heard it in a cigar video review, I guess I’m wrong

  12. Had an Oliva Angel 100. These were really rough when I first got them, but after a year in the can they’re smoking great. Tonight it’s going to be something short because it’s hotter than blazes out there. Thermometer right now reads 114. Petite corona here I come.

  13. Is it just me or has Thursday come and gone? Guys far be it for me to tell you how to run your site but where is Episode 13? I think you guys should go back to Jerry editing the videos so that they can be published when YOU say they will be.

  14. Sounds like everyone had some good smokes over the 4th!

    Cigarfan – I’ve been meaning to try the Oliva Angel 100’s but you’re the first one that I’ve heard say good things about them.

    James – I need to get down to my B&M and pick up a box of the Classico size for me to enjoy.

    Vic – Wish I could tell you the status of Episode 13 but in all honesty, I’m not sure myself.

  15. vics comment cracked me up…yeah??? when does episode 13 come out?? this feels like driving behind someone going the speed limit in the left hand lane

  16. I’m surprised that there isn’t more outcry. Usually YQMA is posted like clock work but the last two episodes have been late and without any real reason.

  17. Folks,

    I have no idea when Episode 13 will be posted. At this rate you can probably expect episode 13.5 (which will be a new filming) before episode 14 (and 14 will be on time)

    My apologies for the delay, I will do my best to make sure this is not an issue in the future.


  18. i hate to say this but maybe justin got tired of all the negative comments people have been leaving about him and his videos. And to be honest i wouldnt blame him and probably would never post another video on this site. I think he does a fine job and some of you guys really give him a hard time about himself and his videos.

  19. Jeremy, with all due respect, I would care to disagree. From what I read, I thought everyone was constructive. I personally would choose a hurtful truth instead of a comforting lie any day of the week.

    MANY people, complimented him on his progression and gave him encouragement.

    I thought Justin took everything in stride and seemed to be a good sport. Have some faith in him.

  20. guys, we still love SR and understand. this is a great site, run by great guys. shit happens, keep up the great work and THANK YOU for SR.

    No worries, SR is still the best

  21. SR is still the best. Jeremy i dont know what comments you’ve read, but the vast majority of comments have been encouraging to justin.

  22. O yeah i agree that most comments have been encouraging and he has done well with accepting constructive criticism. But some of the comments were alittle out of line just read around and youll see what i mean. I do have faith in him i really think he does a great job and if you watch his videos in order hey just keep getting better. BTW im not trying to start some kind of argument here i love this site. I just wanted to state that some of the comments i have read have been a little out of line like i stated earlier. So sorry if i have stirred up any kind of trouble.

  23. I forgot to mention has anyone heard from Justin in the last few days? I hope nothing has happened.

  24. Jeremy I am here. I took a much needed break from work and technology. I have been pushing really hard for the last 6 months with my new job and needed a break. Expect to see a new review from me on Wednesday. I appreciate your concern.

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