Ohio Smoking Ban Exemption

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Ohio Smoking Ban Exemption

We recently received an email from our Friend Jesse from Cigar Jack about a possible smoking ban exemption in Ohio. He asked that we help spread the word, which we were more than happy to do.

Check out his article and follow up on the progress here

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4 thoughts on “Ohio Smoking Ban Exemption

  1. I am from Ohio and hope this goes through. I will definitely be getting a hold of my state senators. Thanks for posting this!

    Edit (Brian): Typo correction for zhadum. 😉

  2. I contacted both Ohio Senators regarding this; seems Senator Brown doesn’t get his updates as fast as we do:

    Dear Mr. Roberts:

    Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the possible increase in the federal tobacco tax.

    Congress is considering raising the excise tax on tobacco products to provide funding for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). SCHIP extends needed health coverage to low-income children. In 2005, SCHIP provided health care coverage to more than 6.1 million uninsured children. The additional revenue generated by the excise tax would, in part, maintain SCHIP coverage for those children already enrolled in the program, and extend coverage to the more than 6 million eligible children nationwide not currently enrolled. In Ohio alone, the expansion would affect approximately 219,000 uninsured children.

    Through programs like SCHIP, we have made significant progress in the expansion of children’s health care coverage. Ten years ago, one in five of this nation’s children had no health insurance. Today that number has been reduced to one in ten.

    SCHIP is a highly valued program, but I understand your concerns about funding this program with an excise tax that would apply to cigars as well as cigarettes. While the overall increase is proportional across tobacco products, the current proposal would also raise the cap on large cigars, allowing for a $10 tax on some of the most expensive cigars.

    As the Senate considers legislation to raise cigarette taxes, I will be sure to keep your concerns in mind. Thank you again for contacting me.

    Sherrod Brown

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