Cuba Aliados 1924 Anniversary

4 thoughts on “Cuba Aliados 1924 Anniversary

  1. Great review Justin! I received the same sampler from Frank, and have yet to try either of the corojo’s. I might have to go home and try one. 🙂

    Both the maduro’s I smoked were excellent and I didn’t have the burn issue you had with the Power corojo. Maybe it was a bad stick…I’ll have to see if I have the same kind of burn problem with mine.

  2. Hey Justin,

    Good review on the stick. I was expecting more from a $13 stick, but I guess that’s the way the cigar crumbles…..literally. Anyway, I noticed you showed how you cut your cigar. Normally you guys cut it off camera and it’s nice to see the steps from unwrapping, cutting to lighting. I’m still using the table technique to get an even cut…yes, yes, i’m a noob. Anyway, I just ordered my burlwood Palio from Cigarmony so hopefully that gives me the confidence to cut freehand.

  3. Nice review Justin. I tolerate bad burns since I smoke outside but really wierd to see a bad burn on a cigar smoked inside. But c’est la vie, sounds like the flavor was excellent so what a bit of bad burn between friends?


  4. Enjoyed the review as always. Maybe this is a question for YQMA, but I notice you guys tend to never (or rarely) correct burn problems, opting to see if it will correct itself. How bad does it have to get before you take the lighter to it? I know a bad burn really gets on my nerves, almost to the point of obsessing over it.

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