Maria Guerrero Toro

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Maria Guerrero Toro

Sorry for the late post.

Up for review is the Maria Guerrero Toro from Altadis. I have smoked a few of these in the past and have enjoyed them. This particular cigar measures 6 inches long with a 56 ring gauge. It has a beautiful cameroon wrapper. The wrapper and cap was flawless. The overall construction was excellent.

I used my guillotine cutter to cut this cigar and decided to try matches this week. A tip for using matches is to use two at the same time. This provides a bigger flame and is needed for a cigar of this ring gauge. Pre-light draw did not reveal any flavors to me and the scent of the cigar was that of a typical cigar. I did not pick up any unique aromas. The draw on it was excellent as well.

After lighting it up, the cigar produced a large amount of smoke. Initial flavors had a hint of spice and leather. The burn was flawless. The ash was a nice white color and fairly strong. I did not pick up a lot of flavors from the cigar. Not sure if this was due to what I had smoke previously in the day or not. Overall I was satisfied with the cigar. This would be a great cigar for someone who is looking for a light smoke. I paid about $7 for mine and I expect MSRP is around $4 to $5 a stick.

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9 thoughts on “Maria Guerrero Toro

  1. Justin,

    You mentioned Hemmingways in Las Vegas. Where is it ? I will be traveling to Las Vegas next month and am looking for a place to have a cigar. I am only familer with the strip so specifics would be great.


    Really enjoying the reviews.


  2. Hey, Justin great review!
    Also I got a cigar you can review, its the Trinidad Toro, from the Dominican republic. I’ve heard great things about this cigar, but I wanna know your thoughts on it, thanks.

  3. I ‘ve had this cigar not much flavor ,it’s alright if your a beginner. Very mild

    Jon try the Fuente club in Ceasar’s Palace on the strip it’s amazing.

  4. Greetings All,

    I’m new to the site and am enjoying it so far. I have a couple that I would like to suggest for possible future review:

    1. Avo Signature Cigars – One of my all time favorites

    2. JosĂ© Seijas Signature Series – New in my Humidor this year and I am astonished at this amazing smoke. Full Body that washes away all things negative from a bad day.

  5. Man I had last night a Pepin Garcia “Vegas Cubanas”, wow I was blown away. You guys should try and review this cigar. You will not regret it. enjoy

  6. i had one of these the other night, but robusto sized. i think they are a good cigar now and then. i was impressed by the ash too. the ash has great coloring and marking.

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