Your Questions, My Answers Episode 16

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Your Questions, My Answers Episode 16

This episode features Walt and Justin answering 11 of your questions.

We tackle the following:

  1. Connecting smokers in different cities
  2. A box of Padron 3000 that smell like grass
  3. Building a coolidor
  4. Is there a dead period for cigars
  5. Are younger smokers discriminated at the local tobacconists?
  6. What to do with cheap friends who bum smokes
  7. Maduro vs double maduro
  8. Electronic humidification
  9. Bad cigars
  10. Is the JR brand any good?
  11. How do we review cigars?

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17 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers Episode 16

  1. Hey Guys,

    Good job, another informative session. I had some video issues where it was choppy early on and then played more smoothely. I’m not sure if it was just me or the clip. I had submitted a question similar to the “cheap friends” question, so please disregard unless you can suggest other inexpensive smokes. I’m thinking of giving them a real strong smoke that will knock them on their butts and hope they stay away from my humidor. I’ll take suggestions on those types of smokes as well.

    As for the young being discriminated in shops, i’m thirty something and I still get some attitude. I’m relatively new to smoking so I still ask for recommendations and questions. If i find the sales people to be rude or noninformative, I simply take my business elsewhere. I personally believe that I’m paying for the cigars as well as the service\information I pick up at these shops. Otherwise, i’d just buy all my smokes online for much cheaper prices. Luckily, in Grand Central Station in NYC, there’s a cigar shop that is operated by guys around my age so I don’t feel like i’m being berated. Anyway, just my two cents.

    I was looking forward to the triumphant return of Jerry, but I guess his little robusto takes precedence. If you’re out there, keep your head up….only 18 more years and you can have a life again! j/k….maybe!

  2. Justin, you mentioned at the end of the video that we should leave comments and suggest other sticks to review…

    I personally think one of you should get your hands on a Camacho Triple Maduro. I think it is one of the best cigar I have ever had, and I would like to know how others feel about it. By the way, get the 60 x 6 size it just enhances the flavor beautifully. The little robusto does not do it justice, and the figurado is good, but not quite perfection.

  3. Hey Walt,

    Where can you get the Tampa Sweathearts? I’ve been hearing quite a bit about them and want to give them a whirl. MDD.

  4. Matt,
    I finally found one at a local shop. It is $10 for a robusto. I guess I will have to break down and buy one and review it for you. I was hoping a bigger size and you suggested that the robusto does not do it justice. I will check a few other shops and see if I can find it.


  5. Hey guys,

    Thanks for putting my question about bad cigars on the segment & like Justin had mentioned C.I & C-Bid apparently have a good customer return policy. A buddy of mine at work made me feel pretty stupid when I mentioned this to him.


  6. I gotta say that I’m hoping Jerry gets back soon. Walt does a great job but it seems like Walt & Justin don’t have chemistry. Watch the early episodes with Jerry and Walt and how much FUN they have togeher. Jerry seems to bring everyone’s personalities together.

  7. I can agree that Jerry is the “Life of the party” but I still enjoy the reviews a lot. I think they are making the reviews the best they can without him. I’d bet if you put Jerry with any group of people, he’d bring more life to that group. Either way, we all have our opinions. Mine is, keep the reviews and yqma coming!

  8. Jerry – You should record an addendum to each of the YQMA episodes you’ve missed. I wouldn’t mind hearing your answers on some of these questions. Just a thought…

  9. @Justin: I have a few of the Triple Maduros waiting for me in my humidor, if you don’t wanna review ’em, I can.

    @Matt (and everyone): Don’t hesitate to recommend cigars (to me especially), I’m never sure what I should review next. I usually wet the ends of my fingers and stick them out the window to see which way the wind is blowing. It isn’t very helpful, but is kinda fun to do.

    @Vic: I think everybody eagerly awaits the reappearance of the Stogie Review’s torpedo of charm!

    @Jerry: Hey Jerry, what’s happenin’! A Jerry’s catch up segment sounds great. Just don’t think you can have Friday back. It’s mine, I tell you, mine! BWA HA HA HA!

  10. Greetings All,

    New to the site and am enjoying it so far. I have a few that I would like to suggest for possible future review:

    1. Avo Signature Cigars (Small Corona & Double Corona do it just right) – One of my all time favorites

    2. José Seijas Signature Series (52 gauge, 6 1/2″) – $12-14. New in my Humidor this year and I am astonished at this amazing smoke. Full Body that washes away all things negative from a bad day. Cigar Details : Sungrown Habanos 2000 from San Andreas MX, Olor Binder, Ligero and Seco from Dominican Republic Filler

    I can always offer additional suggestions if desired. I often pick up something new to try, and more often end up in the higher price range.

    3. On the less than $10 a stick, I really love the Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

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