Good Byes, Welcomes & Updates

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Good Byes, Welcomes & Updates

I’m not a glass empty kind of guy so we’ll start with the good bye part. We all know that sometimes in life things just don’t work out. It’s never someone’s fault or something in particular that triggers it, as the old saying goes, shit happens.

With that, I (the collective I) would like to thank Justin for his contributions to The Stogie Review. Justin brought some great ideas and insight to us during his stay. I wish Justin the best and hope he continues to make The Stogie Review a better place by continuing to be a supporter of the site. Long ashes Justin. I hope I can still look you up when I’m in Vegas (maybe October 15-19 for TechMentor Conference).

Now for the glass half full, welcome part. I’d like to welcome Brian Hewitt of Brian’s Random Thoughts as the newest reviewer of The Stogie Review. Hewitt (so not to confuse him with our other Brian who I now refer to as Tipton) has been helping us out the past couple weeks by filling in for me and my Friday spot. As a full time reviewer Hewitt will move to the Wednesday slot starting next week. Hewitt will continue to publish written reviews while he gets his video equipment setup. So give Hewitt a warm Stogie Review welcome.

Finally, I’m returning to my Friday spot starting tomorrow where I will be reviewing the Yellow Label from the CI Legends Series. This is the Series by Don Pepin Garcia. I’m hoping to get the new studio, also known as my backyard, finished up. If not, it will be back to basics and I will have a written review. If push came to shove how would you feel about a written and audio review in lieu of a video?


29 thoughts on “Good Byes, Welcomes & Updates

  1. Firstly, bummer to see Justin go! Secondly, welcome Brian! Nextly, welcome back Jerry…you and your torpedo likeness! And final…ly, I suppose audio and written would suffice, but I think I speak for all of us who watch religiously…. MORE VIDEOS! haha

    Great show guys!!

  2. Justin- thank you for the work you put in.

    Hewitt- Welcome aboard man! I can’t wait to see you mix it up with walt and the ole torpedo head in YQMAs. I actually pretty excited about SR right now.

    Jerry and Walt- I’m pretty stoked guys, you and walt have been doing great managing this site. It continues to be one of the best cigar blogs on line. SR staff are among the most dedicated guys in the biz. BTW, why Tipton? Since he’s the NOOB here, let’s call him by his last name- Hewitt! lol, that’s what I say! 🙂

    Keep up the great work gentlemen.

    btw, Jerry- audio reviews are better then nothing!

  3. See the two Brians are getting confusing already.

    New Brian = Hewitt
    Old Brian = Tipton

    Well I’m pretty sure it will be a video unless it rains…although if camcorder were to get damaged due to rain that would make a good excuse for me to purchase a newer one right?

  4. Justin- It was nice having you apart of this crew, good luck to you.

    Hewitt, I’m glad to hear that your apart of the stogie review now!
    I’ve been reading on your site for few days now.

    Jerry- Glad to see your back! And I can’t wait to see the review on the yellow label. Also what do you have to do to make your
    backyard, re viewable?

  5. Hewitt the Noob sounds good to me…I’m sure he’s been called worst. Which reminds me, I need to come up with some good hazing ideas for future new people…hey Hewitt, go touch that guys ash… 🙂

  6. JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! A review by you is a review by you man. I think most of us will enjoy a review from you in any form you can provide! Can’t wait till tomorrow! Will you post early if its done?

    Welcome aboard Brian! You seem like you’ll be a great fit with everyone.

  7. Lou – My backyard has been the repository of crap that has accumulated over the years that I no longer have a use for and at first was too lazy to drag to the front for the trash but now too afraid to touch because God knows what is now living in it. Its kind of like a junk room but outside. Not to mention the weeds…they make weed killer but no such solution that I can spray on the junk to make it all disappear.

  8. Wheres a bobcat bulldozer when you need one, jk.
    You should see if you can find some people to help you out.
    Because I would still like to see video reviews from you.
    You can always just get a weedwacker, gloves and a trashcan
    and you’ll be good to go. 🙂

  9. Worst comes to worst I just throw sheets on everything…I think the bed that was pictured in the first couple of videos is still back there. LOL

  10. That sounds like an idea, just make a little room for you
    and put sheets on everything else. Haha you should take a picture and put it on the site, that would be a good laugh.

  11. Hazing? Good idea, new crew members should have to go through a test of courage and let you light their cigars in mouth with your blow torch butane lighter.

  12. So where’s Justin going? I was just starting to really like the guy…I thought he got better every time he was on. I especially liked him on YQMA, he always had something insightful to add.

  13. It’s great to see Jerry coming back. Although I admit, I enjoyed Justin’s reviews and contributions to the site. Kinda bummed to see him go. Curious as to what led to his departure.
    Still… This site will continue to kick ass with the Brian officially on board. Keep up the great work, and who knows, maybe Justin will leave a departing comment here or on his herfspace page.

  14. Thanks Justin for all your reviews and welcome Jerry and Brian.

    Jerry, I think i got a box of what ever you have reviewed so far. Can’t wait to see more of your reviews.

  15. John, Carlos & Tom – I’m sure Justin will find a home soon and will be reviewing cigars again before you know it. Like I said, things just didn’t mesh. Things like that are unavoidable. I just hope Justin doesn’t take it personal as he’s a great BOTL with some great ideas.

  16. I know that I look forward to the reviews on the site. I for one love the videos. IMO the videos add extra information that’s hard to describe in writing or verbally like lighting & cutting the cigar, the amount of smoke the stick produces, and resting smoke. Also, your facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice add a lot of what you think about the cigar.

    With that said, I enjoy the content of the reviews on the site and always look forward to seeing new reviews. I don’t think written and audio reviews could ever be an equivalent replacement for video, but a review is better than no review at all.

  17. Thanks for the clarification Jerry. Too bad it didn’t work out. Hope all you guys stay on good terms with each other. I’m sure this site will continue to kick ass, and hopefully wherever he does end up, he’ll do the same. And again, it is good to see Brian on board. The future for this site looks good.

  18. I appreciate all of the comments and I am glad you enjoyed my reviews. I had a lot of fun doing them. Never fear as my cigar video reviewing days are not over. In the mean time, you will be able to find future reviews at and I am also working on a project and will provide more details on that later, but it should be very cool. I hope to work with the Stogie Review guys again some day and maybe I will be able to post some “guest” reviews.

    Feel free to contact me and thanks again for the support! Until next time….

  19. Good luck to you Justin. I appreciate the hard work you put in and all the information I was able to absorb from your reviews and answers to the YQMA segments.

    Brian, welcome aboard! I’ve enjoyed your reviews while you were filling in for Jerry and I’m sure you’ll fit right in with the rest of the crew.

    Jerry, great to hear you’ll be back. How is the little robusto? Keeping you up at night yet?

  20. Good luck to Justin. We appreciate your hard work while you were here. I hope you’re not a stranger.

    Welcome to Hewitt! You’ll do fine here.

    Jerry…glad to have you back man!

  21. Thanks, Justin, for your work.

    Welcome, Hewitt the Noob, to a more permanent position within SR. Really glad to have you here, Brian.

    Jerry – we’re so glad to hear from you. Videos are awesome, but I’d take audio – we just want to hear from you.

    Finally, Cigar Jack, you’re a cruel, cruel man to make a guy smoke those – but I like the idea (hee-hee).


  22. Jerry,

    As to your comment on written and audio, works in a pinch 🙂 Heck, Brian has made written reviews with a camera an art form. Kind of an old school video at 1 fps or for cigar smokers, 1 frame per puff for a new standard fpp.

    Justin, I liked your reviews, but I stand my ground on saying I’d have preferred them shorter hehehe. But DON’T listen to me. I am absolutely positively in the minority on that. btw, I just smoked a 1495 La Aurora and dang, awesome cigar. Good recommendation.

    Brian, welcome aboard. Anyone that smokes a RP Vintage 1990 for thier frist review get’s an A+ in my book. Now to hear your thoughts on the Felipe Power.


  23. Davie hanifan, I know some got a bit too long, sorry about that. Trying to find the good balace was a bit tough at times. Glad you enjoyed the 1495!!

    @ER DOC: my pleasure.

    @Kirk, @Matt: Thanks and I appreciate you watching my reviews.

  24. Thanks everyone (to many @Names to type out now!),

    It’s good to be on board! I’m checking in from the road right now, which I why I didn’t say something earlier!

    Hewitt the Noob, LOL! I have been called worse! But I’m a little conflicted about grabbing another guys ash… and Cigar Jack, Swishers? That’s just cruel. Don’t make me do it. I swear I will! LOL! (You have to admit, it’d be funny in an ironic way to put up a full review on that, huh?)

    All right, I’ve got a lot of road to cover today. I’ll be back with my next review next week.


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