Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 17

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Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 17

Walt and I had a blast recoridng Episode 17 that runs about 1:21 and we cover some of the following topics:

* The need for a hygrometer
* The need for a “storage thingie”
* Leaving your humidor in direct sunlight
* Cuban cigars and cellophane
* Cuban cigars and box codes
* Favorite places to smoke
* We offer parental advice to a young smoker
* Moistue barrier for a custom humidor
* Cigars for the non-cigar smoker
* My Questions, Your Answers (610) 572-2636
* Giveaway Announcements

Don’t worry, Walt’s footage was a bit scrambled and I left out his first two cuts where he says how he is doing and again what he is smoking (about 30 seconds in the beginning). But smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Be sure to visit Cigar Jack and check out his giveaway of Arganese Cigars.


8 thoughts on “Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 17

  1. Great episode guys. Some may say it was a bit long but I enjoyed the entire thing.
    Btw, it was I who called out the blooper on episode 8, “Well, thats about it for episode 8 of my questions, your answers.” So glad I could indirectly inspire a new idea for the show.

  2. Tom – Yeah we never know how long “too long” is. We started YQMA as a 20-30 minute episode. Then by Episode 3 it went to 45 minutes and then by Episode 9 we had shot up to 90 minutes.

    Personally, an hour and 20 minutes is about my limit but I’m in front of a notebook all day and all night. This maybe something we should throw a poll on the site and see what everyone thinks.

  3. It’s not the amount of time, it’s all about the content.

    I know the content of the episodes are based on the questions you guys get sent in, so most of the episodes cater to newer smokers aka rookies, not that there’s anything wrong with that. We were all rookies at one point.

    Somehow, I think you guys should work in discussions that would appeal to us lifers, basically diversify the discussions more.

    Guys, maybe you should start a Stogie Review forum, start discussions and then bring those discussions to YQMA.

    One topic I found really interesting is using cat litter pearls as a cheaper replacement for humidity beads. The process requires conditioning the beads to the desired humidity level first and is a great option for those of us with coolidors.

    You guys may of covered this already, I really haven’t been keeping up with YQMA lately.

  4. Great session guys. I don’t think I ever remember Walt cracking up that much before. Thanks for answering my question about the giveaway cigars. I got some great suggestions and a great idea from Walt about keeping the giveaways separate from his personal stash. I’m thinking about investing in a nice humidor (100-150 count) and use my travel humidor to store the giveaways. If anyone has any suggestions on humidors, let me know. Thanks.

  5. Hey guys, as I was watching YQMA 17, I kept thinking about Jerry not being able to smoke a cigar along with Walt, which being a father of a 5 y/o I can relate to having to smoke outside (& it can really suck) Anyway, I was thinking that it would be cool if Jerry could somehow work out filming at a local B & M (I know that could be difficult with the needs of wife and child). Then I thought that it would be cool if the Stogie Review could host a “herf” at a B & M, of which loyal members could attend. I would think that the extra business might entice a B & M to sponsor you once or twice a year. What do you think?

  6. Ok guys, don;t forget to call in and leave a message for MQYA (My Question, Your Answers),

    You can also call me via Skype and leave a voicemail if you choose not to call from home. My user name is Wwhite72082.

    I got three voicemails so far and one to play back on Episode 18 (2 people did not leave a message)

  7. Before I purchased my cheap humidor I smoked several Romeo Y Julieta Churchill’s en tubo. These cigars have a thin cedar wrapper inside the tube. I would pull out the cedar and moisten a small part of the cedar on the outside. This would boost the humidity in the tube. This can help hold it for a few days. Just moisten a very small portion of the cedar.

    Hey this is a short term solution but it does prevent them from drying out. A beginners trick that the experts can not fathom as they have all of the tools of the trade. I know this is not the best solution but it works for us beginners. Just don’t soak the whole cedar wrapper.

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