Living The American Dream

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Living The American Dream

So I’m going thru and catching up on a lot of the e-mails I received while I was MIA. One of the e-mails (I originally thought it was spam) was for this news service for blogs called TheNewsRoom. My man Jayson over there is a fan of The Stogie Review and thought we could find some cigar related video news items to post.

So I decided to check it out this morning and while they don’t have pages upon pages of cigar related news items, I was able to find a handful of videos that I thought you would enjoy. I’ll try and stay on top of this and if you like this kind of thing maybe this will help fill the days that we don’t post a review or don’t have an episode of YQMA.

Video runs about 3 minutes and there is like a 15-20 second ad before the video starts but they tell me that we earn some kind of payment rate per viewing of video (I didn’t read the terms too closely):

Speaking of YQMA…I need to make a public apology to Walt. Not only did I forget his birthday on July 20th but I slept thru the alarm this morning and stood him up for recording this morning. Sorry Walt! But hey, I got 5 straight hours of sleep for the first time in a month. Have no fear though, we will get Episode 17 recorded today/tonight and have it up on Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Living The American Dream

  1. Oh wow, and what is even cooler is I have a Casillas Cigar sitting in my humidor right now that a Program Manager I used to work for gave me. I haven’t smoked it yet but hey, this motivates me to light it up!!


  2. I smoked my Casilla Cigar last night and it was really good. I wasx impressed.

    The one I was given was the

    55 x 7
    Wrapper Cameroon
    Filler Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan
    Price: $6.00

    I thought it was an excellent cigar. Well constructed and mild with no bitterness. Burned cool and even and that’s with me smoking outside. I’ve made it a goal to head to the shop this week and check out some of thier other cigars and I’ll take some pictures 🙂


  3. Well, I just got back from Casilla Cigar and what a great experience. They had one gentlemen rolling cigars and he helped me pick out a variety of cigars to sample and enjoy.

    Plus, they added a few other “special” cigars for me to try. Really looking forward to that!!!

    I just smoked one, the

    DBL. Corona Maduro black
    50 x 6 1/2
    Full Body
    Wrapper Maduro
    Filler Santo Domingo, Ecuadoran, Honduran,
    Price: $4.00

    Great cigar. Really nice floral smell on the wrapper. Burns well with a mild sweetness and only a slight bitterness from the Maduro wrapper. I usually prefer a little stronger espresso bitterness but this was nice. Great burn and the flavor changed a bit throughout the cigar. Short finish and a nice ligero smoothness that reminded me of a La Flor Dominicano.

    For the price here in CA, it’s just dang impressive.

    I’m looking forwrad to trying the others. If I get a box, I’ll be sure to forward along a few to SR for review 🙂


  4. I did not know anything about them before this video. I did have a cigar of thiers in my humidor which was a trade from a Program Manager I worked for. When he gave it to me, I initially blew it off as a chump cigar from some hokey shop that buys some batch cigar and tosses on a label for tourists. Being Sacramento, the state capital, that does occur here heh.

    Well, after I saw the video, I decided to pull out that cigar and check the band and sure enough, Casilla Cigar!! I was completely surprised. And even more surprised by how good the cigar was.

    My wife smoked one of thier Connecticut Shade wrapper torpedo’s last night and while the draw was very tight (fairly large construction minus), the flavor was better then any other Connecticut Shade I’ve smoked. However, it was $6 for that particular cigar so I suppose it’s priced right.

    If I was to list cigars by flavor, not construction:

    Casilla Torpedo Connecticut
    Perdoma Champagne Reserve
    Montecristo White
    RP Conn
    Carlos Tarano Tarano
    5 Vegas Gold

    I have one more torpedo and two Petitico’s to try to see how they compare.

    When construction is considered, the Casilla would have to drop to third but I’m hopeful it was too wet when I smoked it. It’s just jam packed with Dominicon tabacco and stayed lit even after resting through dinner. I’ve NEVER had a cigar do that.

    I’ll definitely be picking up some targeted 5 packs from them and I’ll send a few your way to review. Need some pro’s to assess these 🙂


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