Episode 19 – Your Questions, My Answers

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Episode 19 – Your Questions, My Answers

Man, what a trip! I’ll update this post with the topics we covered but after my notebook crashed and spent sometime replacing the hard drive, reinstalling Vista and my other applications and then restoring all my data, I’m just finally glad to have Episode 19 edited, encoded and uploaded. Episode 19 runs 1:15 and Walt and I have some pretty good laughs (see bottle cap in the last segment):


21 thoughts on “Episode 19 – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Wow this was a great episode, you guys kept me laughing
    the hole time, thanks a lot. looking froward to the next YQMA with Ceedee!

  2. Nice yqma, guys. Regarding how far down to smoke. I just finished a Indian Tabac Super Fuerte, and this cigar didn’t kick in with lots of flavor until the .75 mark. I think most cigars should be nubbed, or until your lips blister. But if you burn through the toothpick… its time to put it down. You need to dial 911 occasionally to be sure you are getting the most for your money.

    LOL Jerry! The bottle cap was truly funny.

    MCTYQMABH -my comment to your question my answer by HavanaBill

  3. J-Dawg, I gotta give you props man. Loved how you tried to get into the act(reviewing) by pushing your pomegranate juice review on us! lol

    Good try man! lol Seriously I feel for ya, must be hard doing YQMA’s or even just talking about cigars without a cigar in hand.

    Jerry have u ever thought of putting up a tool shed in the backyard? use it as an excuse and just smoke ur cigars in there.

  4. Well its always a great time hanging out with Walt and getting my cigar pleasure through him.

    Pomegranate juice is awesome! Next time your wife (or lady friend) asks you to get her a drink bring her back a pomegranate martini. She’ll love it and you will be shiek and sexy in her eyes. 🙂

  5. Great episode guys. Have you guys thought about doing a split screen episode, where the viewers can you both at the same time instead of cut aways?

    Jerry, you got skills for keeping that bottle cap on your head.

  6. The split screen is fairly easy to do. I tried to do the picture in picture thing and it was not very good. If they do a split screen, they both have to pay attention to what they do while the other is talking. It can be done and is fairly easy to do. I am not sure what Windows Movie Maker can do since I have never used it. Jerry will have to experiment a bit with that.

  7. Rumor mill has it (at least on the blackberry forums) that Jerry has an iPhone and is getting a macbook so maybe Jerry will be able to have more editing options than what movie maker has.

  8. My notebook crashing this past weekend was the last straw I had with Vista. While I’m sure it wasn’t Vista’s fault I just grew frustrated with it.

    Anyway, I do have a nice shiny MacBook (the black one) on its way. Its enivitable that my work place will be forced into supporting the Mac OS which honestly, in a Citrix and Virtualized environment, OS really isn’t as important anymore.

    Oh yeah…and I did get an iPhone. Need to get back on track of adding reviews on YouTube.

  9. Oh crap…forgot to address the split screen thing. Maybe with the new MacBook it can be a possibility.

    The one problem I see is that we’re pretty restricted with video size when it comes to embedding into the site (450 pixels wide) is as big as we can go without having to do some editing to the the theme. Spliting the screen maybe too small to embed. But we will give it a shot and see what all of our options are.

  10. In fact, Walt was wrong in this episode about the humidity question. Well, he was right in that higher temperature has higher possible humidity, but the question was pertaining to *relative* humidity.

    When he brought his humidor from the cooler basement upstairs, the temperature increased, which increased the total possible humidity. Since passive humidity devices keep the absolute humidity constant, the relative humidity (absolute humidity / total possible humidity) goes down, which is what he experienced. If I were him, I wouldn’t worry about it, since the absolute humidity will be the same, just at a higher temperature. That is, of course, if he is comfortable with keeping his sticks at the higher temperature. I would use a desktop upstairs for a convenient supply and keep a larger one, like a cooler, downstairs for longer aging.

  11. Great show! Thanks for addressing my freezing question, looking forward to your freezer “taste test” in the near future.

    Jerry, hafa adai to you as well, if you find yourself visiting family in Guam let’s have a smoke.

  12. John – If Walt was wrong does that mean I was right? I would love to rub that in Walt’s face! 🙂

    Marcus – My dad is actually going back next month and is staying there until February. The wife and I discussing maybe me going for a few days since there are some land issues and my dad isn’t getting any younger, someone needs to know whats going on. So I’ll be sure to let you know.

  13. Nice shed but that thing is bigger than my backyard. I live in a townhouse with a little deck/backyard area.

    Its just one of those things I have to accept and just bitch about until we move (and with this housing market who knows when that will be).

    It’ll be better in the winter. I find wet/cold weather much more tolerable than humid/hot.

  14. Jerry,

    When I was watching it, I agreed with you, and disagreed with Walt on the humidity question, but since you didn’t defend your position and gave in so easily, I can’t give you the right to rub it into his face haha! After you conceded the point, then I thought you might be referring to total humidity, in which case you would be wrong. Anyway, if you had it straight in your head – props to you! It can be easy to switch around, which is why it is so hard to get a handle on it.

    Other than that, a very good show. But you know I had ta keep you honest on your “layman” disclaimer.

  15. John you’re a tough man…I tell you what, if Walt wanted to sell me a bridge I’d have a check written before he finished. I’m not ashame to say that 99% of the time he knows more than I do.

  16. A very short course on relative humidity.

    Relative humidity is the measure of how much moisture is in the air compared to how much it can hold. A given parcel of air that contains a constant amount of moisture will have higher relative humidity at lower temperatures.

    So how does this relate to a humidor in the cellar being brought upstairs to the living room? Lets presume the cellar is at 60 degrees and the living room at 70 degrees. The humidor in the cellar has equalized at 70% relative humidity and is brought to the living room. No moisture is added or removed and the humidor stabilizes at the 70 degrees of the living room. The relative humidity will now be 49 percent. More moisture needs to be pumped into the humidor and cigars to stabilize the humidor at 70 percent again.

    This means that if you store your cigars at 60 degrees and 70 percent relative humidity it will have the same amount of moisture in it as a cigar that is stored at 70 degrees and 49 percent relative humidity. How this will affect the smoke I do not know. This is just the physics behind the cigars moisture content.

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