Week 3 – Stogie Bowl 2007

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Week 3 – Stogie Bowl 2007

The winner of Week 3 of Stogie Bowl 2007 is Foosballers who won 13 games and needed the tie breaker to beat out Seahawks Stogie Fan this week. Foosballers please shoot me a message (or use the Contact Form) and get me your address so I can send out your 5-pack of the Carlos Torano Signature (Pefecto).

It was a terrible week for my picks. I honestly thought Detroit, Texas and my beloved Redskins would win. At least I did pick Green Bay to beat the Chargers. I bet the Chargers are wishing they still had Marty as their coach (who fires a 14-2 coach?). Good job Norv…

Anyway, the cream of the crop has settled this week and I’m in the crowded bunch of tied for 6th:

Good luck in Week 4…Winner receives a 5-Pack of The Nording by Rocky Patel.


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  1. My Bengals keep letting me down week after week. What good is a powerful offense when the defense and special teams are pitiful. Oh well at least the UC Bearcats are 4-0 and ranked in the Top 25 for the first time since 1976. They’ve at least been fun to watch, unlike the sickening Bengals…. 🙁 Watching the last quarter of the game Sunday ruined my cigar.

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