Arganese Connecticut Ambassador

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Arganese Connecticut Ambassador

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Welcome back for yet another Monday Cigar Review. Up for review this week is the Arganese Connecticut Ambassador and was generously provided by our good friend Jesse from the Cigar Jack News and Reviews Blog.

This particular cigar weighs in at 5 inches long with a 50 ring gauge and sports a very appealing Connecticut Shade wrapper. Both Filler and Binder are made up of tobacco from the Dominican Republic. The price point on these runs approximately 150.00 per box of 25.

During my pre light inspection I found the wrapper to be very appealing. It had a mildly oily sheen and smooth texture. The veins running throughout the wrapper were small and dainty. The aroma on the wrapper and foot were rich with a sort of floral aroma that I found very interesting.

After a quick toast and light I had my Arganese Connecticut burning well and producing lots of thick and flavorful smoke. The initial draw was nice and smooth with little resistance . The body started off somewhere in the Mild range while the finish was smooth leaving me with a crisp and clean sort of feel on the palate. The base flavor carries over some of the soft floral aroma from the wrapper and adds a mild sort of nutty flavor to the mix.

As I continued to puff away on my cigar I found myself well on my way into the second third. At this point the body picked up slightly but remained in the Mild range while the Finish continued to leave me with a crisp and clean feeling on my palate. The base flavor consisted of Floral, Nutty, and a newly discovered Buttery flavor that I found to be both complex and full of character. The draw continued to be free with little resistance and produced a high volume of thick smoke that filed the air with a mild aroma that I found pleasing. The ash was light in color as well as firm and compacted. The burn line was thin and even while the burn rate was a little fast for my liking, which at this point was my one and only complaint.

Arganese Connecticut - 2

After a little more time puffing away I found myself into the final third of my cigar. At this point the body was slowly creeping up the scale, but never exceeded the Mild spectrum. The finish remained smooth and still left me with the appealing crisp and clean feeling on my palate. The base flavor was making a subtle change from Floral to Cedar with Nutty and Leathery flavors. I was also picking up some nice spicy notes in my sinuses as I expelled the smoke through my nose. The mouth feel, or texture was sort of Buttery and rounded out the taste profile of the cigar nicely. The burn remained even as well as slightly fast while the draw continued to be free and produced a large volume of thick smoke. After each puff the residual smoke in the air filled the room with a mild aroma that was also enjoyable.

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Overall I think that this was a fantastic cigar that I wish I had more of. Unfortunately at the current time I smoked my last one and wish I had more to make this a normal “earlier on in the day” type of smoke for me. I really enjoyed the flavor and character of this smoke and look forward to getting more for the days to come. If you normally enjoy mild yet flavorful cigar I definitely think that this stick is one to add to your list of cigars to keep an eye out for.

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5 thoughts on “Arganese Connecticut Ambassador

  1. Nice review Walt. Did you ever figure out how the cigar cutter on the knife is supposed to work? Whether the cigar should be rotated along the blade or the blade makes a quick cut like a guillotine?

  2. Hey Walt, i just discovered this site about a week ago and am very pleased with the reviews and advice! I was wandering if you have done a review of the Ashton Classic Double Magnum. Its my personal favorite smoke.

  3. You know I bought one of those cigar knives and I couldn’t get it to work very well either. I think your technique was better, I used it like a guillotine and the cigar cap was pretty nasty looking, even made the wrapper fray and crack.

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