What was your holiday cigar?

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What was your holiday cigar?

This year I had some grand plans for a nice smoke on Christmas Day, but when it came time to light one up I just didn’t feel much like a cigar. I planned on smoking something later that evening, but by the time the day was over I realized that I skipped my Christmas smoke all together this year.

Generally the Christmas smoke isn’t as important to me as the Christmas Eve smoke. For one reason or another I find myself more excited about lighting something up Christmas Eve just a few hours before settling down for the night. Being in the new home with a wife that generally has to work Holidays it made this year a little difficult, but I managed to sneak in a Perdomo Habano Maduro.

This years smoke was nice but didn’t compare to the Padron 1926 Maduro of last year. All in all, given the fact that I was able to relax with a cigar on such a busy day I was more than happy with that particular stick.

What did everyone smoke for Christmas this year and how did it stack up against last years choice? (if you had one last year)

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26 thoughts on “What was your holiday cigar?

  1. On Christmas day I smoked a Padron 1964 Imperial Maduro. I received these in the mail on Saturday and thought about letting them sit a while longer before having one. I’m glad I didn’t wait because the smoke was fabulous. It was the perfect dessert after the Christmas turkey dinner.

  2. I had a H. Uppman Cabinet Seleccion per suggestion of a review on your site. The churchill size smoked for about 2 1/2 hours. It was wonderful.

  3. Settled in with a Rocky Decade – Toro size after Christmas brunch. The subtle spicy, earthiness of this cigar while enjoying a double espresso got me right where I wanted to be. Cheers!

  4. Good call Sean! I went to my local source of these fine smokes, but they were closed. (Closed Christmas Eve? How dare they!)

    I didn’t get a chance to smoke at all on Christmas Eve, but when people headed home Christmas night, I did get a chance to smoke an Ashton VSG Enchantment. Very enjoyable little smoke.

    This reminds me of that question from YQMA regarding concerns about addiction. Cigar smokers get busy and they go a day or two without a cigar, sometimes without even realizing it.

  5. After putting the tot to bed, I went with a Bolivar Belicoso Fino. I only wish I had another one to enjoy on New Year’s Eve!

    Thanks for the tips on winterizing the humidor. I’ve switched to the Heartfelt beads – they’ve helped a ton!

  6. I lit a Opis X that I got through a Santa Bomb from Clint. It was ok, I enjoyed it, but I would just as soon graba Cohiba like I did last 2 years.

  7. I smoked an Oliva Master Blends 1. The first one that came out, with the laser etching on it. Great smoke! Medium body, spicy/sweet taste and aroma, about even from last years Zino Platinum Crown Series Barrell, both expensive, but on Xmas what the hay.

  8. Christmas Eve I had the Camacho Corojo Limited 11/18, and absolutely fantastic cigar. Didn’t get a chance to smoke on Christmas so I’m having it today, a Camacho Triple Maduro Titan, another amazingly good smoke.

  9. I’m gonna have to start writing this stuff down. Christmas? That was 10 cigars ago. I have no idea. It was real good though.

  10. I had a wonderful Fuente Añejo #77 Shark on Christmas Eve. It was one of the most pleasurable cigars I have had in quite a while – right up there with my top 3 cigars! I helped that an addition year of age on it gave it a tiny bit of plume! It was so creamy and nutty that I almost missed the cocoa and leather it put out. I paired it with a Balvenie Double Wood Scotch and that was just the ticket. It was just an awesome duo! Happy New year to all the Stogie Review community!


  11. After having a grand christmas dinner i skipped the pudding as i was too stuffed, so i retreated to my room with a glass of vodka and smoked a Romeo Y julieta petite julieta ( i dont smoke large cigars that often) The balance went well between this cigar and the straight vodka. It was wonderful.

  12. We enjoyed some El Rey Del Mundo Rectangular naturals over the Christmas holiday paired with LINDT dark chocolates and Dalmore Cigar Single Malt scotch. For Christmas 2006 we all had Don Carlos double robusto’s with Elijah Craig 12 Yr Bourbon – they are all good.

  13. This year’s cigar was a Cohiba Red Dot with a glass of Johnnie Walker. It was great until I dropped it, but no matter. My father smoked his favorite Rocy Patel 1992. Last year it was a Montecristo No. 3.

  14. This Holiday season I sat back and chose to relax after Christmas dinner and celebrate by smoking my CAO Soprano’s edition cigar. THIS WAS A MISTAKE! Between the Runners, the Tunneling and the overwhelming taste of STALE cardboard; I would rate this a 12 out of 100! I was obviously a victom of clever marketing. Thanks CAO!

  15. I had quite a few.

    1 – With my Dad, I smoked a Felipe Gregoria Power Series R. Best cigar of that day. Later, I was gifted a Cohiba Siglo VI and was not terribly impressed. Granted, fantastic construction, great burn but it tasted dry and was quite a bit more mild then I thought it would be. But what the heck 🙂 After the Cohiba, I smoked a Pueblo Domincana Series II . Needed something with a bit more flavor.

    2 – Christmas I smoked a La Aurora Leoninos and a Camacho 1962. Enjoyed both.

    Just bought a Padron Series 1964 and a Padron 80th anniversary Maduro for the First. Can’t wait, be a first for me on both. Trying to end the year catching up and the cigars I intended to smoke. But it’s getting a bit expensive 🙁


  16. Had a Rocky Patel Decade with a few Manhattans. I gotta say that these aren’t that easy to get ahold of – try your local B&M, as to my knowledge, they’re not supposed to be retailed online. That said, it was well-worth the purchase. Cost was $8.50, so a little pricey, but once the smoke marshmellow-ed into a rich and spicy earthiness, I was in absolute heaven. A smoke among smokes, you guys should review one of these soon!

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