Rocky Patel Decade (Guest Review)

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Rocky Patel Decade (Guest Review)

Bryan M from the fan forums tells us a little bit about the Rocky Patel Decade

Bryan - RP Decade - 1Rocky Patel Decade
Box Pressed Toro

My last cigar for 2007, and what a nice way to finish the year. The pre-lit aroma was very pleasing. I’m not sure how to describe it. I clipped the cap with my $2 single blade cutter. The draw was nice… smooth, easy but not too easy, and very tasty, somewhat sweet.

This cigar was sold to me under the description of Full strength, with the smoothness of a mild bodied creamy cigar. The cigar rep pointed this one out to me before I could finish telling her what I was looking for. I mentioned a few of the stronger cigars I preferred, and before I could tell her I wanted something lighter, she points out the Decade. When I noticed she pointed out another dark wrapper cigar, I mentioned to her that I was looking for something lighter than what I already have in my humidor. She proceeded to tell me this cigar will be so smooth, you won’t even know it’s a full bodied cigar. So, that and when she said they sell out every time they get a box in, AND there were only a few remaining, I decided to give it a try.

It has the standard style Rocky Patel band, this one in yellow. Under it is another band, in the same style but it reads “DECADE”. As mentioned the wrapper is dark, it’s a maduro but I would call it a light colored maduro.

So, I give it a good touch or two with my new Culinary Torch. No problem there. First draw or two is exactly what I would have expected from an RP. Wonderful. It has what I would call the signature RP flavor. If I were blind folded I would have known it was a Rocky. I started off drinking water, and once I was able to really taste the cigar, I started drinking some of my Glenlivet 12 year. I think the two went well together.

Somewhere about a half inch into it, I noticed a rough spot very briefly, and then it went right back to that wonderful smooth flavor. It really did produce the smooth creamy flavor I was promised. However, If I were judging the strength, I would call it Medium at most. It delivered tons of good flavor (none of which I can distinguish for you), but it just wasn’t up there with the full bodied cigars. I smoked this all the way to the nub. I could not get enough. I think there was less than an inch of cigar by the time I finished. There was no harshness when I got close to the end.

If you are a Rocky Patel fan, you will love this cigar. If you aren’t an RP fan, or don’t know if you are, you should still give this one a try. At $11 a piece for the Toro, and $9 for the Robusto, I think I will keep this one as a special occasion smoke. I doubt you will find me buying a box anytime soon.

Recommend: YES (It was so good, I was smelling my fingers later just to reminisce)
Buy again: YES!
If you are looking for something Strong, you will likely be disappointed in this.

A little side note, my Father-in-law smoked an Edge Lite I gave him. He is not a big cigar smoker but likes them occasionally when I smoke one. So, when I give him a smoke I know it has to be something light and smooth. He usually smokes ¾ of a cigar and then puts it out because of the harsh flavor a short stogie normally gives. He raved about this cigar all the way to the nub. I couldn’t believe how long he smoked his… He said it was the best cigar he’d ever had. He doesn’t have a lot to compare to, but coming from him, that says a lot about this cigar.

Bryan - RP Decade - 2

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7 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Decade (Guest Review)

  1. Way to go Brian! You made the cover of the Rolling Stone! Ok so it’s not the Rolling Stone, but it’s not bad. Good job.

  2. I smoked one of these recently and enjoyed it a lot. My only gripe was the price. But I still found myself buying a few more the other day 😉

  3. Good review. Interesting about how the Sales Rep worked with you. Almost sounds like she wasn’t listening to you very well and was a tad bit pushy. That being said, sounded like you bought a great cigar 🙂


  4. Dave, she really wasn’t pushy at all. I just finished telling her about all these full-bodied cigars that I really liked and her immediate instinct was this Decade. I spent some time in the walk-in. We talked about many other cigars, but I ended up going back to this one. (among others)

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